Business Plan Template

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Business Plan

January 1, 2009

Table of Contents

2.Executive Summary4
3.Mission, Strategies, etc. (Company, Strategy and Management Team)5 3.1.Vision5
3.4.Keys to Success6
3.5.Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOTs)6 3.6.Strategies7
4.Products and Services8
5.Revenue Sources9
5.1.Paid Per Click Advertising – Google AdSense9
5.2.Affiliate Program – Amazon.com10
5.3.Affiliate Program – 10
6.Future Growth Opportunities10
6.1.Live Online Teachers10
6.2.Classroom Lessons10
6.3.Video Lessons11
6.4.Books – Short Stories11
6.5.Printed Lesson Materials11
7.Marketing Plan11
7.1.Market Analysis11
7.3.Customer Profile12
7.4.Market Size, Sales & Share Projections13
7.5.Strategies for reaching or exceeding your targeted sales levels13 7.6.Sales Strategy14
7.10.Advertising and Public Relations14
8.Operations Plan14
9.Management & Administration (Organization Plan)15
9.1.Company Ownership16
9.2.Managerial Style16
10.Financial Plan18
10.1.Projected Cash Flow18
10.2.Start-up and Operating Budgets18
10.3.Operating Budget19
10.4.Accounting and Inventory Control System19
10.5.Cash Flow Projections19
10.6.Funding Requirements21


Introduce your business here and provide a high level overview. Don’t get into too much detail, rather think of this section as an elevator pitch. Answer questions such as business name, purpose, target market, revenue source(s), structure (corporation type, LLC, etc.), physical location and ownership. This section should be a few paragraphs (about half a page).

The purpose of is to establish content based websites for the purpose of generating revenues through advertising. These websites will develop a community of users by offering value-based content free of charge. Content will vary according to the website; language lessons, articles, photos, illustrations, open source applications, how-to articles, and other yet to be determined content.

Initially, will establish the following websites:
• A site which offers free Chinese language lessons. • A site which will offer an open source along with related document templates. • A site which will offer document templates.

The business is a subchapter S Corporation, which was incorporated on . The corporation has one shareholder, . has principals, each sharing equal interest in the corporation. They are , , and . is the President, is the Secretary and Treasurer, is the Vice President. shares of stock were initially issues, with each principal receiving shares.

is physically located at, and operated from .

Executive Summary

Write this section last as it is a high level summary of your entire business plan. This section is read by high level executives who have a need to know about your business but don’t necessarily have the time to read all the specifics. If they need specifics on any particular topic, they will go to that section of the business plan.

State the purpose of your business.

Identify Ownership

Target Market

Unique Selling Proposition

Growth Plans

Mission, Strategies, etc. (Company, Strategy and Management Team)

1 Vision

A vision statement is where you present a clear and defined description of the desired outcome of your business. The first sentence of your vision statement should be a short, yet powerful, sentence which captures the overall spirit of the business. The vision statement can be one paragraph, or several paragraphs.

’s vision is to be an authoritative...
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