Business Plan

Topics: Economics, Target market, Factor analysis Pages: 4 (865 words) Published: March 10, 2013

I. Overview of the Business Plan

A. Scope and Limitations

The COZEE-COMBI is a product made of coconut and cheese. This product only covers drinks or smoothies that will help to refresh and solve thirsty feeling. This drink will be offered cold and it has a lot of benefits. These are the breakdown of the health benefits of coconut and cheese.

There are five main benefits of cheese:

1. Good for cavity prevention
2. Good for cancer prevention
3. Bone strength – rich in vitamin B
4. Prevention for Osteoporosis
5. Controls high blood pressure
There are also coconut benefits:
1. Refreshing drink to beat tropical summer thirst
2. Contains cytokinins – good for anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombostic effect 3. Good source of B-complex vitamins
4. Contains electrolyte potassium
5. Metabolism booster
6. Cancer fighter

These are the main reason why COZEE-COMBI intends to combine the benefits of a coconut and cheese in a drink. It will help to be more fit and energetic. This product will entice the people to drink what is right not to drink sodas. Instead of drinking those, drink water or instead have COZEE-COMBI that has benefits to be well fit.

B. Research Methodologies

COZEE-COMBI used primary data to support the corresponding information in making the business successful. The business conducted survey in order to see visible results if the target market would try this kind of product. COZEE-COMBI also used secondary data. In order to know the benefits of cheese and coconut combination, internet-based research is used to provide those data. II. Environmental Analysis

A. Macro Environmental Assessment

Socio-Cultural Factors

The socio cultural factors affect the macro environmental of the business. The Filipino especially the young ones would like to refresh themselves with drink. Almost all of the Filipinos...
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