Business Plan

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Business Plan
Aussie-One Travel Agency

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Description of the Company

Aussie-One Travel Agency, Pty Ltd. provides travel-planning services for Australian adventure vacations to residents of the Greater Melbourne area. The service industry, including travel agencies, is one of the fastest growing business sectors of the economy, and Aussie-One Travel Agency intends to capitalise on the success of this industry by taking advantage of travel planning opportunities in the Australian continent.

Director Heather Mitchell and Marketing Manager Jim Kim currently hold the company’s directorship shares. Prior to starting the Aussie-One Travel Agency in Franklin Street, Melbourne, Ms. Mitchell co founded, co-owned, and operated the “Aussie-One Travel Agency - Hiking and Expedition Planning” store based in LaTrobe Street Melbourne. She has selected a small team with extensive travel, sales, and computer skills, all of whom will be invaluable to the new venture. Her co-workers bring a combined total of 35 years of travel industry experience to the agency.

Mission Statement

The mission of Aussie-One Travel Agency is to become the premier provider of adventure vacations for 25- to 35-year-old professionals. Aussie-One Travel Agency is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality training and customer support, and wants to be recognised as the leading adventure vacation company in the Greater Melbourne area. The company’s goal is to grow steadily, becoming profitable by the second year of operations.

Products and Services

Aussie-One Travel Agency recently became the appointed agents for Margie’s Travel, one of the largest and most respected tour operators in the market. With virtually no marketing effort, Aussie-One Travel Agency has sold about 200 adventure vacations in the past six months, netting $66,800 in commissions. Sales of insurance policies and other services have added to this total and could potentially add much more. Aussie-One Travel Agency offers a comprehensive range of services to support the adventurous traveller, including pre- and post vacation briefings, travel insurance, and a directory of services specific to each destination and activity.

From desk and field market research carried out on 300 clients, it is clear that there is considerable potential in the adventure travel business. Research on potential international clients indicates that Aussie-One Travel Agency’s overseas target market finds it difficult to obtain reliable and authoritative advice on destinations and activities in local and regional Victoria and other Australian states. Research also suggests that the customers in this market are unlikely to purchase their vacations again from the firm who provided their last vacation due to a lack of informative sales personnel. Aussie-One Travel Agency will cater to these needs and develop a strong return-customer base.

Because they are currently the only travel agency focused on Australian adventure format vacations that is located in the Melbourne area, Aussie-One Travel Agency has a substantial opportunity to dominate the region. In order to maintain and improve their current position in the region, they will need to invest in international marketing, a web site and online presence, as well as database software and licensed flight booking systems, and in refurbishing the shop premises. Aussie-One Travel Agency maintains the following advantages over existing competition: ❑ Ongoing support to clients

❑ Extensive knowledge of the Australian adventure vacation field ❑ Superior customer service
❑ Specialised training programs for staff...
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