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Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Diners swallow caustic soda instead of salt. -------------------------------------------------
ABC News. 23 May 2013.

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1. Identify areas of law addressed in the chosen media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report. Students should refer to the areas of law listed in Chapter 1 of First Principles of Business Law. Not all listed areas of law will be relevant, but each media report involves at least two areas of law. (4 marks)

This article reports on diners consumption on fast food contaminated with cleaning product, caustic soda. Criminal Law
Even supposing that this unlawful act is an involuntary manslaughter, it still falls under criminal law as it involves non-deliberate harming or even killing of other individuals caused by the perpetrator. The food contamination which leads to food poisoning was in fact without intent or malice aforethought.

Tort Law
The perpetrator who mistakenly sprinkled caustic soda instead of salt into the food had failed to exercise reasonable care for the sake of the customers. This is an issue relating to Tort Law. As a consequence, some customers who had consumed the contaminated fast foods contracted food poisoning. Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital gastroenterology specialist, Doctor Hooi Ee even stated that this type of food poisoning can be serious and may cause death if the caustic soda had been taken in a significant amount. Clearly, this shows that the employee’s gross negligence had imposed a risk for the customers’ health.

Administrative law
In this case, Chicken Treat has failed to exercise reasonable care for the customers. The city of Bunbury is investigating on this incident...
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