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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 48 (13427 words) Published: August 31, 2012
CONCEPTs :- Ethics ,Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, Morality, Legality, Business Ethics, Rights, Duties, Corporate Code of Conduct, Egoism, Altruism, Artha ,Dharma, Kama, Moksha, Ethical Dilemma , Environmental Ethics, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Triple Bottom Line, Environmental ethics. Questions

1)Explain Concept of Ethics? Explain its types.2) what is Business Ethics? Explain Scope of Business Ethics.3) what is Business Ethics? Explain importance of Business Ethics.4) Explain concept of Morality & legality5) Explain concept of Rights & Duties6) what is Ethical Dilemma? Why it arises? How to solve ethical dilemma? 7) Write note on Egoism V/s Altruism 8) what is Corporate Code of Conduct? Explain its importance.9) Explain Different theories of ethics.10) what is Corporate Code of Conduct? Explain its importance.11)Write note on Egoism V/s Altruism 12)Explain Role & Responsibilities of manager and Entrepreneur Towards Stakeholders13)Write note on : profit making –An objective with Ethical Dimension.14)Write Note on : Indian Perspective of Ethics 15)Explain Ethics in Global Marketing & Advertising16)Write note on Ethics in Employment17)Write Note on ILO18)Write note on Ethics in IT : E- Commerce & Privacy Codes19)Explain Ethical Dilemma ? Why it arises? How to solve Ethical Dilemma? 20) What is Environmental Ethics? Explain Environmental Issues in India.21) Define Corporate Governance. Explain it features22)Explain Objective/Scope of Corporate Governance23)Explain Importance of corporate of corporate Governance.24)Write note on Corporate Governance Reporting25)Explain Role of CEO, Chairman & BOD in Corporate Governance.26)Explain Rights of Investors & Shareholders27)Write Note on Cadbury Committee report on Corporate Governance.28)Write Note on Birla committee report on Corporate Governance.29)Write Note on Narayan Murthy Committee report on Corporate Governance.30)Explain meaning & Scope Of CSR 31)What is CSR? Explain its significance in Business.32)Explain Corporate Social Responsibilities Towards Different Stakeholder/ Society.33)Explain CSR Relating to Labour Relations34)Explain CSR in relation to work Atmosphere35)Explain CSR in relation to Exploitation ,atrocities & Harassment at work place.36)Explain Role of NGO & International Agencies in Integrating CSR into Business37)Explain CSR & Sustainable Development38)Explain CSR & Triple Bottom Line

Q.1.Explain concept of Ethics, Normative ethics, Descriptive ethics, Applied ethics Ethics
The word "ethics" has been derived from the Greek word "ethos" which means conduct, customs or character or accepted behaviour. Ethics according to the Greeks would mean a code of conduct, the manner of customs and the characterization of a person’s morals. It refers to code of conduct that guides an individual while dealing with others. It would also mean in a positive way the accepting of responsibilities. Ethics is a normative science. Ethics deals with what is proper course of action for man. It means, laying down norms or standards of what is good and what is bad. It specifies what we ought to do and what we ought not to do, in a certain situation. Ethics means someone's principle which leads to good or bad future in the process of any operation, personal or professional. Types of Ethics

Ethics can be broadly divided into three categories, they are as follows: (a)Normative Ethics
Normative Ethics which is also known as Prescriptive Ethics is concerned with the principles by which we ought to live. In simple words, a normative theory is specifically meant to provide men with ethical guidance when they carryon their day to day business. Normative Ethics is the study of principles, rules or theories that guide our actions and judgment, determines what actually is morally right or wrong. The highest values by which moral judgments are made are often referred to as norms, principles, ideals and standards. Ex.: ‘It is never...
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