Business Ethics

Topics: National Football League, Baltimore Ravens, McGraw-Hill Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Tameka O’Neal
BUS 330
Assignment 4
According to DesJardins, “every organization has a culture, fashioned by a shared pattern of beliefs, expectations, and meanings that influence and guide the thinking and behaviors of the members of that organization”. This is known as “corporate culture”. Recently, the National Football League has been exposed on issues with players charged with abuse related crimes. The New York Times article titled “What’s the N.F.L.’s Incentive to Change?” discusses the advantages that this corporation has amid all of the negative media. Reporter Ian McGugan goes on to say that despite all that has happened, the N.F.L’s television ratings have exceeded last year’s. Corporate culture is influenced by leaders. Effective leaders can have a significant impact on a culture. In response to the video tape that shows Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice knock his fiancée unconscious in an elevator and then drag her out in the hallway, the league states they had no knowledge of the whole incident. If this was not displayed by every news station and internet to the public, would there have been a response at all? With all of the claims facing other players with abuse related incidents, it makes one think that the behavior has been allowed and is part of their culture. What are the core values of the league? Do the leaders “walk the walk”? These are questions that many are asking. The article describes the commissioner as a leader “with the broadest powers of any leader in sports”. With that being said, many feel that the poor handling of the Rice case warrants the resignation of the commissioner. Meanwhile, millions of fans continue to watch the games and buy merchandise weekly. This elevates the corporation into a position of financial sustainability. Therefore, when Ray Rice beats his wife or Adrian Peterson whips his kid, their economic power will outlast the negative impact. McGugan says that the league is not only capable of weathering the...

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McGugan, I. (2014, Oct 7). What’s the N.F.L.’s Incentive to Change? Retrieved from The New York Times:
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