Business Communication

Topics: Writing, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Discuss the scope of business communication? a12 a11
State the principles of business communication? a12
Draw communication process? Discuss the importance of business communication ? s12 What are the principles of business communication? discuss any three of them ? s12 a11 Mention the ways of improving the effectiveness of communication ? a11 Discuss the characteristics of effective communication ? s11 Discuss the process of effective communication ? s11

Mention the 7e’s of business communication ? s11
discuss the types of communication ?a12
explain downward communication with advantages and disadvantages ?a12 Discuss the different situations for considering the written communication as an effective tools? a12 What are the merits of downward communication ? s12

define horizontal communication? briefly discuss the forms of horizontal communication?s12 s11 distinguish between oral communication and written communication ? s12 mention the different means of non-verbal communication with examples ? a11 briefly discuss the forms of upward communication ? a11

discuss the merits and demerits of written communication ? a11 State the demerits of oral communication ? s11
Discuss the merits of downward and upward communication ? s11 3)
What are the barriers to communication ? a12
Write a memorandum asking the employees to use the canteen only during the fixed hour ? a12 Suppose you are a manager of ABC company , write a notice informing the employees about the change in office timings during the Ramadan ?a12 Draft a memorandum to the office staff emphasizing the need of observing punctuality and adhering to lunch hour ? s12 As a secretary of business club , DBA at permanent campus write a notice to arrange a monthly Executive Committee meeting ? s12 Briefly discuss the parts of a Business Letter with example and its specimen ? a11 s11 Suppose you are a manager of AB Bank Ltd. , CDA avenue. One of your officer , Mr. Abul Kalam has got a promotion as a...
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