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Business and Administration
Unit five: Principles of supporting business events

Session 3 Handout //
Problems that can occur

Dealing with problems

In an ideal world it would be nice if every business event went by without any problems. However this is not the case. At times there will be problems for those people supporting events. The magnitude of the problem may be something minor that is no more than an inconvenience through to something that may threaten the whole event. A problem occurs when the proceedings of an event are impeded by a failure or underperformance of people, processes or equipment that result in the event failing to achieve its objectives. Typical problems that can occur include: • • • People problems Equipment problems Process problems.

When things go wrong There are many things that can go wrong in events – and there is often no second chance to get things right. If things go wrong it is often impossible to quickly reschedule an event. So, getting things right first time is very important when organising a business event and the ability to deal with problems effectively is an important one. Ways of dealing with problems If something goes wrong it is rarely possible to return the next day and put it right. For this reason it is important to think carefully about the ways of dealing with problems when supporting business events. There are three broad approaches for dealing with problems. These are: • • • Prevention – from the outset, eliminate the chance of a problem occurring. Contingency plans – factor in a fallback plan to minimise disruption if things do go wrong. Flexible and calm response on the day – Even if you're not calm on the inside, projecting a calm attitude can help keep other people's reactions in check.

Prevention The best way to deal with problems is to eliminate them from the beginning. If an event is well planned and organised then the scope for problems is significantly reduced. There are some easy ways...
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