Burnout Sentence Outline

Topics: Nursing, Health care, Health Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Sentence Outline: Nursing Burnout
Specific Purpose: To inform audience about nursing burnout
Central Idea: General view of burnout in nursing through current research studies worldwide. Introduction
As nurses strive to provide quality patient care in modern time, different and complex challenges emerges which may cause varying levels of burnout. Body
I. Nurses sustain resilience at the height of burnout in workplace. A. Nursing burnout is related to job dissatisfaction and stressors in the workplace. B. Burnout could adversely affect nurses’ personal and professional health. C. Nurses would benefit from burnout reduction interventions. II. Nursing burnout is related to job dissatisfaction and stressors in the workplace. A. Nursing burnout is mainly grounded on its dynamic job demands. B. There are various workplace risk factors that lead to the development of nursing stress and burnout. C. Nurses tend to be reserved in their burnout experience.

III. Burnout could adversely affect nurses’ personal and professional health. A. Nurses respond differently to stress and burnout depending on their age and nursing experience. B. Burnout and stress may have physical, psychological, and interpersonal manifestation in a nurse. C. Nursing burnout may affect patient outcomes.

D. Nursing burnout may affect nurse to nurse relationship.
IV. Nurses would benefit from burnout reduction interventions. A. Nurses need high level of self-awareness in prevention of burnout. B. Healthcare organizations and institutions provide burnout reduction program that could benefit nursing staffs. V. Fostering a healthy work environment would increase nurses’ job satisfaction. A. Nurses strive to deliver quality patient outcomes despite difficult circumstances. B. Nurses’ job satisfaction has positive effects on work performance. C. Increased nurses’ job satisfaction may prevent rapid nursing turnover which lead to nursing shortage. Conclusion

Research shows nursing...

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