Buckling of columns

Topics: Elasticity, Force, Second moment of area Pages: 3 (499 words) Published: December 18, 2013
These are the hand written notes for Bucking of columns/Euler's theory for Statics @ Design Analysis for Engineering, 3rd Year.

The following is a very good report I have used as a sample to help me with my Buckling Report. This is something that exists freely online, I am not claiming this as my own work, neither am I getting this information fraudulently from somewhere else. Original link for this is http://enpub.fulton.asu.edu/imtl/HTML/Manuals/MC108_Buckling_Column.htm I have removed all names from this and the document uploaded, for privacy purposes. Every such detail can be found on the link provided. After grading I shall try and post my work as well, but I consider this to be a better example. Integrated Mechanical Testing Laboratory



The primary purpose of this experiment is to verify the critical load for buckling, relationship among the bending-moment and deflections, for different end conditions when a rectangular beam is subjected to axial loading.


A column is a member subjected to axial compressive forces. When a column is concentrically loaded, it is expected to reach its yield stress. But usually prior to yielding, when the force in the column reaches a certain value, it buckles. This force is known as the buckling load or the critical load. The end conditions of a column significantly influence the buckled shape, which can be used to compute the buckling load.

For a prismatic elastic member, the buckling load is given by the following relationship.

KL = effective length of the column
I = Moment of inertia about the minor axis

I = bt3/12 (2)

The values of K for different end conditions are shown.

Note : Care should be taken to align the column such that it is...
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