Bubble Lab

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Bubble Quality Lab

Hypothesis: The sugar solution will produce the best quality bubbles because of it’s sticky texture.

Procedure: First, three cups were labeled as #1, #2, and #3. Next, each cup had one teaspoon of dish detergent and ⅔ cup of water added to them and swirled around to have everything mixed. Cup #2 then had half a teaspoon of table sugar added and cup #3 had half a teaspoon of table salt added to them. After that, a straw was dipped into each solution separately, and blown through in order to make bubbles. Data was recorded while blowing bubbles.

Data Table 1: Bubbles Using Different Solutions

Appearance of Solution
-More translucent than cup one
Bubble Size
-Generally small
-Occasionally medium
-Medium sized
-Larger than cup one
-Medium to large
Ease to Blow Bubbles
-Needed to be gentle
-Moderately easy
-Some strength and speed needed
-Needed to be gentle and slow
Time Before Bubbles Popped*
-5 to 10 seconds
-15 to 20 seconds
-10 to 15 seconds
*Time when from when bubble left straw and popped. This includes if it stuck on objects

Analysis: It can be seen that the sugar solution was the best when looking at the quality of bubbles. Based off Data Table 1, the sugar solution produced bubbled that lasted for 15 to 20 seconds. Although the salt solution lasted longer than control and created larger bubbles than the sugar, it was often hard to make bubbles unless very gentle blows were used. It can be concluded that adding sugar made the bubbles stronger, while salt was weaker than the sugar, and the control the weakest of all.

Conclusion: It was proven that the hypothesis made, “the sugar solution will produce the best quality bubbles because of it’s sticky texture,” did in fact come true. To improve this experiment, it could be done in a windless room as well as launched up higher. This way, the bubbles won’t pop because of the wind, and it could take a...
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