brand awareness, recall or recognition

Topics: Coca-Cola, Logo, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Choose two different brands (products). Discuss which form of brand awareness, recall or recognition, is likely to be involved with purchase decisions for brands in a number of categories, and why.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola has a strong brand awareness. The first thing everyone in the world will probably recognize are the colours red and white, these are the colours Coca Cola uses in their logo from the beginning. Related to these colours is the Coca Cola font that hasn’t changed a lot over the years, it always had the same style and size. Coca Cola also sponsors a lot of sports, charities and events; people like to be seen with a product that does such things as it makes them feel right or cool! Coca Cola stand for sustainability this attracts people who are focusing on environmental awareness. These days being environmental friendly is very important also to people that are not very aware of these subjects will see that it’s a good thing to recycle. The Coca Cola commercials are very famous for their jingles, tunes and creativity. These commercials are broadcasted so many times the Coca Cola tunes will be remembered by consumers which will most likely result in a purchase. Since people recognize Coca Cola pretty easy, they know it’s an A brand product.


One of the strong characteristics from Apple is their design; it’s always smooth, fancy and one of a kind. Besides it’s a catch for the eye it’s also useful for very diverse in aspects in the ICT and design world. The Apple logo is placed on every product in every technology line, this makes the products recognizable for consumers. A lot of Apple products are shown in TV shows and movies all around the world. This makes the product more desirable for consumers as they see their ‘heroes’ using these products. Apple is the number one brand in the world this means most of the people in the world know this product as popular, people want to be popular as Apple is the popular brand they will buy it!...
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