Branches of Georaphy

Topics: Geography, Human geography, Physical geography Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Branches of Geography

Physical Geography - deals with the observation, measurement and description of the surface of the earth.

A.Geomorphology - study of the forms of the land's surface and of the processes that mold them.

B.Climatology – the prevailing state of the atmosphere including the average climatic values, seasonal and diurnal rhythms, extreme values and frequency of values within stated ranges, weather types and their characteristics and the explanation and distribution of both climatic elements and general climatic types.

C.Biogeography – spatial distribution, past and present of individual categories of plants and animals and of attempts to explain this distribution.

D.Soil Geography – the areal distribution of soil types over the land and the principal factors in the formation of different types of soil.

E.Resource Management – emphasize human direction in the utilization of natural resources for benefits of humans usually on a long-term basis.

F.Environmental Studies – focus on the animal world and on the threats to them posed by human activities and the degradation of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere by pollution of many types.

Human Geography – explains the distribution and characteristics of the people.

A.Population Geography - examines particularly the distribution of population in relation to its various characteristics such as growth, numbers, density, age, sex, fertility and occupations.

B.Economic Geography - analyzes the characteristics and differences among the movements in between areas in the production, exchange and consumptions of goods and services.

C.Cultural and Social Geography - study of the culture, culture areas, cultural landscapes, cultural history and cultural ecology.

D.Urban Geography - studies the factors affecting the location of individual cities, urban systems, regional differences in urbanization and functional types of cities.

E.Political Geography -...
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