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Topics: Chicago, Richard J. Daley, Political machine Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: May 5, 2012
Mike Royko captured the life of a truly amazing man, Mayor Richard Daily. Royko in the book, Boss, follows an diffident beginnings on the South Side of Chicago in the Bridgeport neighborhood to Daley’s rise as a powerful politician. Being born in 1902 and rasied by Michael and Lillian Daley. Difficult by humble house which some accredited later to Richard's difficulty in communicating. Daley did not have siblings to communicate with early in life. Even after public life he still had a difficult time voicing his opinions. Daley was a shy, introverted child who was not a standout in academics or in sports Sometime in his early years, many schoolmates found leadership and qualities and an intangible charisma that both proved to be crucial later in his career. It was not common not see many children those day to not attend college.. For his high school education, Richard's parents sent him to a school run by the Christian Brothers, where he learned office skills and discipline and order. After graduating, he wound up with his first city job. He would stay on the government's payrolls for the next forty-eight years, twenty of those years as Mayor of Chicago.

While one would think the title "Boss" would refer to his mayoral career, it more appropriately was a reference to his long-term control of the powerful Chicago political machine. As head of the machine, he knew everything about everyone in the Democratic Party. He had control of the money and the thousands of patronage jobs that he handed out like candy in return for bringing in the vote. The machine presided over the ward bosses, precinct captains and the voters. The Boss controlled the Machine with a selfish fervor. He made the unusual move of maintaining chairmanship of the Illinois Democratic Party (The Machine) even after he became mayor. He was well aware that the Machine held more power that the position of mayor. At one time, he was considered the most powerful man in Illinois and the...
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