Book of Joshua

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>Word of Wisdom: The book of Joshua, part of the Pentateuch: Moses has just been taken by the Father- in the closing of the book of Deuteronomy concerning Moses who picked Joshua- God, actually being the one picking him. (Deuteronomy 34:10-12 -> 10 And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face 11 In all the signs and the wonders, which the Lord sent him to do in the land of Egypt to Pharaoh, and to all his servants, and to all his land, 12 And in all that mighty hand, and in all the great terror which Moses shewed in the sight of all Israel.) There would never be another Moses, the lawgiver, this is why he would be the one who shows up on the Mount of Transfiguration. Moses was a prophet, who chose Joshua (in Hebrew, name means ‘Jehovah’s savior’; in Greek it means ‘Jesus’). The book of Joshua is the first book amongst the former prophets. Joshua becomes a ‘type’ (with name meaning Jehovah’s Savior..and God sending a Savior, in Jesus Christ) with Moses who brought the Law- followed by Joshua being the ‘savior’.

Joshua Chapter 1
2- This is entering the Promised Land. Joshua was one of those who went over before (Kadish Boniet?) saying that the land is good. But because of those who doubted and were scared to enter, God caused them to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. Then He brings forth Joshua to lead them into the Promised Land. 3- God is basically saying, this land belongs to my children 4- Our Father set this aside for the children and Joshua would be the one to follow it through. 5- Do you understand that Christ said these same words to us (Hebrew 13). When you are a true believer, it doesn’t matter what goes on in this world as long as you use common sense to protect you and your people. You’re going to win, you’re going to be successful….God will see you through it, if you go by His letter, His word, when He is with us, Satan doesn’t stand a chance. But how many ‘Christians’ truly believe this? It all comes down to our faith and belief in His word- Christianity is not a religion, it is a Reality! God will never forsake us so long as we act on behalf of God’s children, rather than yourself- it is that simple act that separates the Overcomers from the failures. 6- This is EMPHATIC- You.Be.Strong! Understand that God is with us! When God is with us there is nothing to fear- pay attention to His letter, it is our guideline. 7- The law was given by moses, it was God’s law. Don’t judge by precedent, don’t turn from the right to the left. Every lawyer today is trained to defend or prosecute by precedent. What does that mean? By precedent- not by God’s word, but by what some Judge/Lawyer/Man decided and not according to God’s law. Here’s where you separate the men from the boys (as far as being blessed is concerned). If you will do it by God’s way and not by the traditions of men (by this way and that way), you will not be a reed shaken in the wind- stay on God’s word and with that, you will be successful- to prosper meaning to absorb wisdom or absorb wisely- we will know how to earn blessings. We will get what we deserve when we go by God’s law which will keep us from slipping to perversion (left or the right). 8- NOT JUST TO THINK BUT TO DO according to God’s word. What does it mean to meditate- to bring it back up to mind and think it over- using the wisdom of God to deal wisely- remember that wisdom comes from our Father. 9- Don’t you worry about a thing. God doesn’t deal with wimps a whole lot- meaning somebody who is afraid even knowing that God has told us not to be ( meaning we know better). We can deal wisely if we meditate on His word and his promises- it takes fear and drives it out of us because God has his hand upon us and watching out for us. We have nothing to do but be courageous! God almost demands that from us- we have to take a stand. We have to go by God’s laws not mens traditions. We have a freedom of choice,...
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