Bonifacio and Katipunan

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Chapter 9
Bonifacio and Katipunan

->1892- Rizal was arrested and banished to Dapitan.
- Bonifacio founded an organization that aimed to liberate the country from the tyranny of the Spaniards, and to secure the independence and freedom of the Philippines, by force of arms. ->1896- start of taking the field against the Spaniards.


->July 7, 1892- Rizal was arrested; that night, Andres Bonifacio, Valentin Diaz, Teodoro Plata, Ladislao Diwa, Deodato Arellano, and other plebeians met and form an association by blood compact and signed their membership with their own blood. Thus, Kataastaasan, Kagalang-galang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan, or simply Katipunan was founded.

*recruit by triangle method
*payment of one real fuerte entrance fee(25 centavos)
*payment of medio real monthly due (about12 centavos)


->Three Fundamental Objectives:
*Political - focused in working for the separation of the Philippines from Spain. *Moral - revolved around the teaching of good manners, hygiene, good morals, and attacking obscurantism (policy of withholding knowledge from the general public), religious fanaticism, and weakness of character. *Civic - revolved around the principle of self-help and the defense of the poor and the oppressed. THE STRUCTURE OF THE KATIPUNAN

->Three Governing Bodies
* Kataastaasang Sanggunian- Supreme Council; highest governing body; composed of a president, a fiscal, a secretary, a treasurer and a comptroller. * Sangguniang Bayan - Provincial Council; had a council similar to Supreme Council. * Sangguniang Balangay- Popular Council; had similar council with the other council. -> the Supreme Court, together with the presidents of two other council, constituted the Katipunan Assembly. -> Sangguniang Hukuman- Judicial Council; a court of justice to pass judgment on any member who violated the rules of the society or to mediate between quarreling parties. ->October 1892 - change the triangle method of recruiting. ->An election was held that elected the first S.C.

->February 1893 - deposition of the first S.C. This time, Roman Basa was Supremo. ->Early in 1895 - another election. This time, Bonifacio was the Supremo. ->December 31, 1895- another election of S.C. officers.

->August 1896 - election of the last S.C. before the outbreak of revolution.

*Katipon- first grade; wore black hood with a triangle of white ribbon with Z. Li. B. sign, meaning Anak ng Bayan (A. ng B.) which is their password. *Kawal- second grade; wore green hood with a triangle of white lines with Z. Li. B. sign in its angles. They also have a medal with an ancient Tagalog script letter K in the middle. Gom-Bur-Za was their password. *Bayani- wore red mask with white bordered triangle having the K.K.K and Z.Li. B. sign inside of it, and a sash with green borders symbolizing courage and hope. Rizal was their password. They had been elected as an officer of the society. THE KATIPUNAN CODES

->a system of writing that would make it difficult, if not impossible, for the Spanish authorities to discover the existence of the society. -> the first code - rambled letters of the Spanish alphabet as a counterpart. -> the second code - cipher was in numbers; made by Bonifacio at Balintawak. -> the third code - back to rambled letters; made by Bonifacio and Jacinto. -> the fourth code - rambled letters; agreed by Bonifacio and Jacinto after the Tejeros Convention.

With the Katipunan now well organized, Bonifacio turned his attention to the symbol of its authority. The Katipunan (1892-1897)
* The first flag of the Katipunan. The three K’s stands for the movements’ full name. This flag was made by Benita Rodriguez with the help of Gregoria de Jesus, Bonifacio’s wife.

* A variation on the Katipunero flag. The letters have been arranged to form...
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