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The Body Shop

Brand Audit



1. Brand Overview________________________________________________ 3 1.1 Brand History_________________________________________________ 3 1.2 Product Category ______________________________________________4 2. The Brand Owning Organisation___________________________________4 3. Brand Value Proposition_________________________________________ 5 4. Brand Communications Audit ____________________________________ 6 5. Product Category Audit _________________________________________ 8 6. Product Category Competitor and substitute Analysis__________________ 9 7. Key strategic Market Drivers_____________________________________12 8. SWOT Analysis_______________________________________________13 9. Conclusion___________________________________________________14 10. References __________________________________________________15

1.Brand Overview

The Body Shop is famously known for its ethical approach to business, fair trade, 100% vegetarian products and being against animal testing (, n.d.). The company believes in following their five core values which are: to support community fair trade – using small medium sized suppliers, defend human rights – create an awareness of domestic dispute and child abuse, against animal testing, activate self-esteem – looking after their customers and their employees and lastly protecting the planet – reducing CO2 levels, electricity, gas and water (, n.d). The Body Shop has also created their own charity, The Body Shop foundation that was launched in 1990, emphasising on their 5 core values.

1.1. Brand History

Anita Roddick, a human rights activist and environmentalist founded the company in the United Kingdom in 1976. The first store was opened in Brighton; the store was on a small scale and only sold 25 different products. A spirit of environmental friendliness dominated the brand by encouraging its customers to recycle; this philosophy would remain its motto till present (, n.d.).

The Body Shop experienced rapid growth early on and its first overseas store was introduced in Belgium in 1978, by 1982 its growth increased to a rate of two stores opening per month. In 1984 the company entered the stock market and its shares grew in value at a very high rate, being nicknamed “The shares that defy gravity” (Entine J, 2007).

In 1985 the company sponsored posters for Greenpeace, starting its own campaign “save the wale” a year later also for Greenpeace. In 1990 The Body Shop Foundation was introduced that funded human rights and environmental groups (The Body Shop International plc, 2012). These activities went to further establish its reputation as an environmentally conscious company, already cemented by its prohibition of animal testing on its products and successfully making animal testing illegal in the UK in 1998.

By 1990 the company first opened in the United States, it had already expanded to 39 countries and had 2500 applications for a franchise. In 1994 the company launched its direct selling section, The Body Shop at home, expanding to other territories in later years. In 2006 the company was purchased by L’Oreal for £652.3 million, the company was no longer independent, but managed to maintain its operation independently from the company. (The Body Shop International plc, 2012).

1.2.Product category

The Body Shop sells a collection of 900 natural beauty products with the “inspired by nature” slogan (The Body Shop, n.d.). The Body Shop has a range of products, meeting various demands of customers. Products, which make up this range for women are, skincare, make-up, hair products, fragrance and body care, i.e. body butters. Men’s products consist of body care, skincare, fragrance, shaving and deodorant. The following report will be focusing on The Body Shop’s body butter, as some may regard the brand for being most famous for there body butters. The...

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