Blue Banners

Topics: Avril Lavigne, Causality, Writing Pages: 3 (504 words) Published: May 6, 2013

Reading Closely and Thinking Critically

1.What is the thesis of this essay?
Music thrives on repetition and you can pay your way to the top but your not garunetted the spot you intended.

2.Why does Surowiecki believe that spot buys are better than payola? Because spot buys are extra spins the promoter buys and payola is where djs would play songs in exchange for favors. So buying your spot is more effective than payola for favors.

3.What are the negative effects of pay-for-play?
It puts money on something that could maybe happen and its not a for sure thing.

4. Do you think sales of music, including downloads, would decline if people knew of pay-for-play? Yes and no

Yes because people would get tired of the songs though air play. No because it gives people a chance to see what is new and up coming from artist.

Examining structure and Strategy
1. What approach did Surowiecki use for his introduction? Why does he use this approach?

2.In paragraph 3, Surowiecki gives the history of pay-for-play. Why does he include this information? How does it help him achieve his purpose for writing?

He includes it to inform the reader about pay-for-play and how it works. It helps him further explain to achieve his writing purpose.

3.Which paragraphs have topic sentences that introduce a discussion of a cause or effect of pay-for-play? Paragraphs 2, 4, 6 introduce a discussion for cause and effect

4. From paragraphs 1-2: addition

5. How does the repetition of Avril Lavigne in the conclusion help achieve coherence? It helps Surowiecki tie his story up at the end my restating his topic.

Noting combined patterns

1. How does Surowiecki use compare-contrast to help achieve his writing purpose? He uses compare and contrast to achieve his writing purpose by comparing and contrasting his two main topics payola and spot buys....
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