Blink Vocabulary Words with Comprehensive Definitions for Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Social psychology, Causality Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: August 28, 2012
AP Psychology
3rd period
August 26, 2012
Blink Vocabulary Words
1.Spontaneous- something done without preemptive thought, but that isn’t random 2.Diagnose- to determine the cause of something in a medical way. Generally for a disease or disorder. 3.Aesthetic- the qualities that make something appealing.

4.Contempt- a lack of respect for someone in a condescending way 5.Implicit- something implied, but not expressly stated.
6.Plausible- a reasonable idea or possibility.
7.Bias- a personal preference towards or against a choice.
8.Autism- A mental illness that causes the person to not be able to understand expressions for more than literal meaning, and that causes a social inability. 9.Social psychology- a branch of psychology that studies society and people’s interactions with each other. 10.Thin-Slicing- making concise, educated decisions without much information, unconsciously, in short amounts of time. 11.Warren Harding Error- the mistake that people make during thin-slicing. People will uphold their initial judgment of someone or something, while rejecting later data. 12.Speed dating- A type of dating that involves men moving from table to table to talk to the women seated there in six minute increments. Perfect example of thin-slicing. 13.Insight Puzzle- A puzzle that can only be solved in the blink of an eye. The solution cannot be worked out logically or mathematically. It is meant to be thin-sliced. 14.Verbal Overshadowing- The brain has two separate parts for words, and for images, so attempting to link the two can cause the verbal part to take over the visual side, which leads to decreased insight. 15.Implicit Association Test- a test designed to detect our subconscious, or implicit, biases and ideas towards concepts or words. 16.Relevant- Related to the subject matter or study.

17.Insight- an understanding of a situation based on experience or understanding. Not related to thin-slicing, except in that it is almost the...
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