Birth Kindergarten

Topics: Psychometrics, Test, Reliability Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Chapter 3
1. What is a standardized test? Describe different types of standardized tests. Standardized test are used to evaluate achievement in comparison to that of a sample group of children, also to measure a child’s achievement on specific test objectives. Some types of standardized test are: intelligence, achievement, and aptitude all measuring facets of ability. 2. What is meant by quantifiable scores? Quantifiable scores support interpretation of the test results. Most psychological test provides numerical scores which allow statistical comparisons. 3. Describe norm referencing. Norm referencing provides information on how the performance of and individual compares with that of others. The individual’s standing is compared with that of a known group. 4. Why does a test need to have validity? Reliability? Can you have one without the other? Test needs validity to make sure of clear directions when reading vocabulary and items that are appropriate for the objectives. Reliability to accurately determine the number of items used the length of the test, and the rating. No, you can not have one without the other because together they balance each other. 5. Why is the description of a test’s purpose important? How does test purpose affect test design? It is important because information on test validity and reliability are used to determine the dependability of the test. When first designing a test, the developers describe its purpose by which test objectives or the test outlines provide the framework for the content of the test. 6. List some factors that test developers must consider before starting to develop a test. Consider: the purpose of the testing; the characteristics to be measured; how the test results will be used; the qualifications of the people who will interpret the scores and use the results; and any practical constraints. All are important for selecting tests for young children. 7. What area the vest test formats...
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