Biology: Vocabulary and Multiple Choice Questions

Topics: Cell, Cell membrane, Bacteria Pages: 3 (602 words) Published: January 24, 2013
1. For each pair of terms, explain the differences in their meanings. A. Diffusion, osmosis Diffusion is the process where molecules move from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration. Osmosis is basically the same, but with water. B. cell division, mitosis Cell division is part of mitosis, when a cell splits into two. Mitosis has more steps than just cell division. C. facilitated diffusion, active transport Active transport is where a cell uses energy to move molecules. Facilitated diffusion is the same as diffusion, just when they pass through integral proteins. D. endocytosis, exocytosis Endocytosis is when useful nutrients are put into a cell. Exocytosis is when useful materials are removed from the cell.

Multiple Choice:
2. Voltage sensitive channels help cells communicate by
A. electrical signals
B chemical stimuli
C. binding to molecules
D. insulin molecules
3. Cells sense chemical signals by using:
A. hormones
B. receptor proteins
C. signaling messengers
D. surface markers
4. The process by which water moves into and out of the cell is: A. facilitated diffusion
B. osmosis
C. active transport
D. diffusion
5. A cell uses some of its energy to move molecules by
A. osmotic pressure
B. active transport
C. diffusion
D. osmosis

6. The sodium-potassium pump
A. requires no energy
B. moves potassium out of the cell.
C. enables sugars to enter cells.
D. works independently of channels.
7. Which is an example of active transport?
A. sodium-potassium pump
B. electron pump
C. endocytosis
D. facilitated diffusion
8. Particles too large to pass through protein channels in the cell membrane may enter the cell by:
A. exocytosis
B. selective transport
C. endocytosis
D. osmotic pressure
9. During mitosis:
A. chromosomes are copied
B. chromosomes move to opposite sides of the cell
C. cytoplasm divides in half
D. a new cell wall forms in the center of the...
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