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Hand out : Biodiversity

Biological Diversity or Biodiversity - is the variety (diversity) of all life forms on earth, encompassing all plants, animals, microorganisms and the intricate ecosystems they form.  
- the totality of ecosystems, species, and genes within the area.

Levels of Biodiversity
1. Species Diversity (Different Life Forms)
2. Genetic Diversity (Different characteristics of plants, animals & other living organisms) 3. Ecosystem Diversity (Different types of Ecosystem)

Species: Two individuals are named to be of the same species if they can reproduce and their offspring is fertile. Species are the units of biodiversity. a group of related or similar organisms capable of breeding freely to produce fertile offspring. It is the basic unit of biological classification and hence, its use as a measure of biodiversity. Species Diversity - refers to the variety of species found within a discrete geographical boundary. It is usually measured in terms of the total number of species found within a particular area.

Importance of Biodiversity

To maintain or restore healthy ecosystem functioning
To maintain photosynthetic fixation of solar energy, the energy input for the world To maintain water cycles and protect watersheds
To avoid climatic change
To maintain storage and cycling of nutrients
To maintain soil production and avoid soil erosion
To sustain absorption and breakdown of organic and inorganic pollutants To maintain the value of biological resources

Endemic species : a species that is confined to one country, an island or a distinct geographical unit e.g. Philippine tarsier
Philippine eagle

Native species: a species that occurs naturally in an area or country but may not be endemic

Introduced species:/exotic species: a species that was introduced into an area or country by humans, so neither endemic nor native Threatened species: a species that is threatened with...
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