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Topics: Surgery, Robotic surgery, Laparoscopic surgery Pages: 4 (1248 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Today in our technologically advanced world, our doctors and surgeons have been introduced to the wonders of robotic surgery. “Since 1921 when Czech playwright Karel Capek introduced the notion and coined the term robot in his play Rossom’s Universal Robots, robots have taken on increasingly more importance both in imagination and reality. ‘Robot’, taken from the Czech robota, meaning forced labor, has evolved in meaning from dumb machines that perform menial, repetitive tasks to the highly intelligent anthropomorphic robots of popular culture” (Lanfranco, 2004). Anthony Lanfranco and his crew from the Drexel University’s Department of Medical Engineering and Mechanics and Philadelphia College of Medicine composed a review of the history of robotic surgery, it’s development, and it’s current applications of today.

The significance of this text is to allow its readers to understand the history and background of robotic surgery and how it is and could be used for different tasks that could not be achieved by the human force. It gives a brief description on the development of this new discovery as well as the potential of its current applications. The article provides both sides of a controversial issue: the advantages of robotic-assisted surgery as well as the disadvantages of robotic-assisted surgery. It educates its readers before going into depth without being too dense for an audience to comprehend. All in all, the article is significant because it is a collection of research and data collected by reliable sources and this information and enlighten those of today’s world who are are not aware of the existence of robotic surgery. From this, people can add to the idea and possibly create something even more advanced and contribute to our technologically advanced world, which could better society by making difficult surgical tasks a lot easier to tackle.

To summarize the article, since robotic surgery has entered the field of medicine, surgeries...

References: Lanfranco, A., Castellanos, A., Desai, J., & Meyers, W. (2004). Annals of surgery. In PubMed Central. Retrieved from
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