Big Data

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Turning data into information

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Unit objectives
After completing this unit, you should be able to: Explain how Business and Data is correlated Discuss the concept of turning data into information Describe the relationships between DW, BI, and Data Insight Identify the components of a DW architecture Summarize the Insight requirements and goals of a business

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Business and data

Business World

Data World

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The challanges Customer Business Issues
Too much information and not knowing what’s important
– Not using demand signals to drive supply chain – Not using customer analysis to tailor marketing and sales – Not leveraging valuable unstructured information

Multiple versions of the truth
– Problems managing customer, product and partner interactions – Regulatory compliance inhibited by poor transparency

Lack of trusted information
– Incomplete, out-of-date, inaccurate, misinterpreted data – Difficult to understand or control how information is used

Lack of agility
– Inability to take advantage of opportunities for innovation – Escalating costs due to inflexible systems and changing needs © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007

Data, Information, Insight
● ● ● ● ● Insights and context from the mind Requires reflection and synthesis Difficult to structure, capture on machines, and transfer Often tacit



● Data endowed with relevance and purpose ● Need consensus on meaning ● Human mediation necessary


● Discrete, objective facts about the world ● Easily structured and captured ● Easily transferred © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007


Data has in itself little semantic content: For example:

PRICE: US$ 20000

Data will have more meaning, when presented as a part of a structure (context):

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Information is relevant if it makes a difference to receive it or not

PRICE: US$ 20000



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Information is the source of insight:
JEEP CHER. JEEP CHER. JEEP CHER. JEEP CHER. JEEP CHER. JEEP CHER. 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 New New New Used Used Used © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007

0 miles 0 miles 10 miles 2000 miles 5000 miles 7000 miles

US$ 20000 US$ 25000 US$ 20000 US$ 20000 US$ 19000 US$ 18000

Insight is not enough
Business flexibility and responsiveness


e iv t ip cr s re p



pa ss iv e
Business value
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ac tiv e

What is ...

Data Warehouse

Dynamic Warehouse

Data Mart

Decission Support System MDM

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Data decision challange

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Different data for different users

Operational systems Order Entry Payroll Accounts Receivables Personnel

Informational systems Product Sales Trend Analysis Ad-Hoc Queries Data Mining

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Operational versus Informational data
Application-Oriented Limited Integration Constantly Updated Current Values Only Supports Day-to-Day Operation Subject-Oriented Integrated Nonvolatile Values Over Time Supports Management Decisions

Operational data

Informational data
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Where is informational data?
Operational Data Informational Data
Data Warehouse Environment

User Access


Data Warehouse

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What is a Data Warehouse?
Data Source
Data Warehouse Environment

Two-tier Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

One-tier Data Warehouse
Management Information System


Virtual Data Warehouse

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Logical tiers in a Data Warehouse

Data Source Operational Data OLTP...
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