Better Health for Everyone: Health Care in Two Worlds

Topics: Developed country, Medicine, Developing country Pages: 2 (1102 words) Published: October 31, 2014

The article, “Better Health for Everyone: Health Care in Two Worlds” revolves around the central idea of the difference between health care available to the wealthy and the poor. Every Nation in the world has access to health care for its people. However, some of the Nations are rich while some are not. This brings huge difference in their health care system. As a result, for different worlds, the idea of better health care is different. ONE EARTH- TWO WORLDS OF HEALTH

This world consists of rich as well as poor. There is always a disparity between these two groups. In wealthier countries, health care is available for almost everybody. While in poorer countries, due to high cost for health care, most people are dying from minor infections and diseases. In the developed world where most illnesses are almost eliminated, people are concerned about diseases such as heart disease or cancer which are not likely to be curable. While in poorer Nations, basic tools for preserving health such as vaccines, clean water, drugs essential to medical care are still insufficient. HEALTH CARE COSTS AND ACCESS IN THE WEALTHIER COUNTRIES

Health care in rich countries is becoming a serious issue due to the rising costs and the inability for people to afford it. Therefore, less people are staying insured. As a result, many doctors and nurses are becoming unemployed and a few of them who kept their positions are not enough to handle all patients, so sometimes some procedures may be scheduled after a long period of waiting. Also less numbers of high-tech equipments are being bought and government is unable to provide readily available facilities to the people. There are many reasons why health care continues to become so expensive. First, people tend to refer to a doctor’s care after an illness already has developed. Such crisis care is usually more expensive for a patient than just treating a disease before it spreads. Second, according to some sources, people nowadays...
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