Benefits of MIS to a Taxi Service Company and Xylo Trading Company

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1. Bhalla runs a small taxi service with just 2 cars initially and his family members and friends being his regular customers. Off late the demand for his taxi has increased which resulted due to advertisement in yellow pages and in the dailies. To deal with the increase in business Bhalla leased another luxury car and hired one more additional driver above an existing driver.

During the first few days of his business he kept a written record of all his transactions. But as the number of transactions increased he had to search for a better option to keep a record of all this. He was in need of an information system for timely and accurate recording of the transactions. This would help him keep track of the number of cars and when and how many cars has to be made available.

The solution to him has been developed using excel. This would help him keep track of the number of cars and when and how many cars has to be made available. Bookings are made easier through this system.

2. The xylo Trading Company sells 6 kinds of confectionary items all over India. The sales technique followed is direct sales to its distributors and retailers. The data is updated by the sales people at central office at the end of the day using excel sheets. Consolidating of data received from various sales persons and generating of sales reports and also the MIS reports is the primary issue. An appropriate template of the data to be captured by each sales person is required so that the data consolidation can be done smoothly. As per the firms requirement, a database on excels has been designed. It records the total sales made on each day by each sales person, including which of the product he has sold. At the end of every month, when the sales person records the total sales of each item in his database, automatically the head office stocks get updated. It is a very user-friendly interface.
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