Basic Structure of the Human Body (Terms)

Topics: Cell, Organelle, Golgi apparatus Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Basic Structure of the Human Body (Terms)
*1. Anatomy-The study of the structure of an organism.
2. Cell- Mass of protoplasm; the basic unit of structure of ll animals and plants. *3. Cell Membrane- Outer protective semi-permeable covering of a cell. *4. Centrosome- That area of all cytoplasm that contains 2 centrioles; important in reproduction of the cell. 5. Chromatin- That structure in the nucleus of a cell that contains chromosomes with genes which carry inherited characteristics. 6. Connective Tissue- Body tissue that connects supports or binds body organs. *7. Cytoplasm- The fluid inside a cell; contains water, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, and salts. 8. Dehydration- Insufficient amounts of fluid in the tissues. 9. Edema- Swelling, excessive amounts of fluid in the tissue. 10. Endoplasmic Reticulum- Fine network of tubular structures in the cytoplasm of a cell; allows for the transport of materials in and out of the nucleus and aids in the synthesis and storage of protein. 11. Epithelial Tissue- Tissue that forms the skin and parts of the secreting glands, and that lines the body cavities. 12. Golgi Apparatus- That structure in the cytoplasm of a cell that produces, stores, and packages secretion for discharge from the cell. 13. Lysosomes- These structures in the cytoplasm of a cell that contains digestive enzymes to digest and destroy old cells, bacteria, and foreign matter. 14. Mitosis- The process of cell division that occurs in gametes, or sex cells/ ovum and spermatozoal *15. Mitochondria- Those structures in a cell that produce energy and are involved in the metabolism of the cell. 16. Mitosis- Process of asexual reproduction by which cells divide into two identical cells. 17. Muscle Tissue- Body tissue composed of fibers that produce movement. 18. Nerve Tissue- Body Tissue that conducts or transmit impulses throughout the body. *19. Nucleolus- The spherical body in that nucleus of a cell that is important in reproduction of the...
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