Base Detail

Topics: Poetry, Life, War poet Pages: 5 (985 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Year 9 War Poetry - Analysis & Planning Chart

Use the following chart to help you plan your analysis of one of the war poems:

Poem: ____Base Detail ________ By: ____ROSELY________

|THESIS / INTRO: (what does the|This poem is about showing us the true side of the majors. Sassoon is comparing them to children which cannot do much work by them selves and everyone around them have to help them , | |poet attempt to achieve? What |sassoon is saying that the majors use the soldiers to make their lives better and safer. | |is the purpose of their poem?)| | |FOCUS |Examples / Quotations |Explanation | | | |(What effect does this have on the reader? How does it help communicate their message?) | | |“id live with scarlet majors at the base” |Live- and word that shows that the majors did not worry about things wile the soldier are suffering on the cold | |P1 – Point 1: | |dirty ground. | |Sassoon is saying that the | |Scarlet- a colour that associates with evil and greediness , this word describe the majors and who they really | |majors had a good life even | |are but also it show their life style. This poem is all about majors being children’s and so little children are| |though it was war time | |always red and blushing there for he is saying that he’d live with little children | | | |Base – 2 meanings: a place from which operations where coordinated or means locking moral , this tells us that | | | |the majors live in a very safe place under secrecy and that their life are not under threat. | | |“youd see me with my puffy petulant face” |Puffy petulant – is the alliterative of the plosive letters , they create tension and make a sound of explosion | |P2 – Point 2: | |this returns us back to war . | |Majors where greedy and they | |Puffy petulant – all little kids have very chubby faces , this creates an image in our heads that the majors | |had everything – good food | |where greedy and didn’t suffer because they didn’t have enough food it was the opposite , majors had everything | |supply unlike the soldiers who| |but they demanded more. | |starved to deaths |...
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