Banking Operation Manual

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Banking Operations Manual

Banking Operations Manual

THE A.P. STATE CO.OPERATIVE BANK LTD TROOP BAZAR :: HYDERABAD _________________________________________________ Vol. I


Banking Operations Manual

This Banking Operations Manual is prepared with a view to provide a ready guide to the officers and staff of the Bank – Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank (APCOB) - in day-to-day banking operations. The Manual is prepared based on the extant banking law, practices and is an attempt to provide guidance to the front office functionaries in the Banking operation of the Bank. It is compiled in January - March 2008 and mainly covers the aspects which are currently relevant to the Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank (APCOB). The Manual is to be used keeping in view any changes in rules and practices over time. This is also not a document to provide any full fledged legal framework of banking operations and is in the nature of a guide to operatives and not a rigorous substitute for extant circular instructions, directives etc. The language used is also one to facilitate understanding rather than being legalistic. Throughout this Manual, based on the context, the reference to Masculine gender is to be read as reference to Feminine gender also and similarly the usage of singular be read contextually to include the plural. In compiling this document, use has extensively been made of the Operational Manual for Cooperative Banks [2004 edition] brought out by the National Federation of State Co-operative Banks, Mumbai, which is gratefully acknowledged. This Manual has been gone through in detail and vetted by various senior officers of Head Office and the Co-operative Training Institute of the Bank. The final version is brought out after detailed consultations with wellexperienced officers at the Head Office and Branches. Over a period of time it is expected that this manual will be vastly improved based on inputs from the functionaries at different levels based on their active feedback. Further volumes of this Manual are expected to be brought out covering various other areas in due course. It is hoped that this volume will be useful as a basic guide for the Front Office operations in Banking in the Bank. M.S. Rama Rao Chief General Manager Centralised Monitoring, Inspection & Audit Dept


Banking Operations Manual


A Banking Operations Manual for the Head Office main branch and branches of the Bank has been a long felt need. The present ‘Banking Operations Manual’ is a team effort by the senior officers of the Bank in consultation with the front office functionaries. The effort has been coordinated by the Centralised Monitoring, Inspection & Audit Department of the Bank. The present volume attempts to bring at one place the important aspects of Banking operations for reference of the functionaries at the delivery point of the customer services in the Bank. It is also an effort to streamline and standardize the procedures to usher in the various systems, procedures and controls and the first of a series of such initiation planned by the Bank. Apart from incorporating up-to-date instructions on Banking operations and the latest guidelines of NABARD on Safe Deposit Lockers and Settlement of Claims of deceased depositors, the volume provides the customer relationship policy of the Bank and also the customer service norms of the Bank. It is also envisaged that this Manual would be updated and revised from time to time based on the experience and feedback of the staff at various levels and to incorporate the changes that take place in the practices in Banking. I wish that the Manual will be put to successful use to improve management of the Bank and provide better services to the customers and would pave the way for greater codification and publication of the functions and services of the Bank. T.S. Appa Rao, Managing Director



Banking Operations Manual

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