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Topics: Unemployment, Minimum wage, Mental disorder Pages: 5 (1339 words) Published: June 30, 2014
Which of these solutions would…
How Would You Solve the Homele…
How can we solve the problem of homelessness?

I've seen all sorts of homeless people and all different types of homelessness. Each instance is a tragedy that I feel no one should have to suffer through.

I'd like you to think about the problem of homelessness. I'd like you to read the ideas I have presented here and to think of some of your own.

The problem needs more than one solution because it is actually far more than a single problem.

It would be another tragedy if a great solution were missed because it had never been thought of. It is my sincere hope that you think of a solution or two and that you will act - at the very least that you will spread the ideas around.

Another one of my lenses details some reasons people become homeless, but this page is intended to get you thinking about how we can address those issues. It's not intended to be the answer but to serve as a springboard for creating some.

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Contents at a Glance
1. Lack of a Living Wage
2. Physical Illness or Injury
3. More on Homelessness from this Author
4. Unemployment and Underemployment
5. Developmental Disorders and Mental Illne...
6. Ideological Conflict
7. Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse
8. More Reading on the Problem of Homelessn...
9. 35 Ways You Can Help Homeless People
10. Homelessness Solutions in the News
11. Which of these solutions would have the...
12. Was This Information about Homelessness...
13. How Would You Solve the Homelessness Pro...
Lack of a Living Wage
If people can pay for housing, they won't be homeless
Many homeless people work for minimum wage and they just don’t earn enough to afford shelter.

Minimum wages need to be realistic. A minimum wage based on actual minimum living expenses would go a long way towards solving this problem. Physical Illness or Injury
How can we prevent illness and injury from causing people to become homeless? Many people become homeless due to the fallout from a physical illness or injury. The exorbitant cost of health care and the predatory practices of health insurance companies, medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy. It is also a major reason people become homeless.

This problem could probably be partially solved with health care reform, preferably a single payer system. But that doesn’t cover everything. People who are ill or injured often become unable to work and require help. This help might come from friends or family or from government funded programs. It needs to be made absolutely unacceptable for sick people to lose their homes due to inability to work. Some sort of safety net needs to be created for people who do not have caring friends or family. More on Homelessness from this Author

Unemployment and Underemployment
Without a job, many people become homeless
Many people are kept at part time because their employers can’t afford to provide the insurance benefits that they are required to provide for full time employees. So my partial solution to this cause of homelessness is once again, healthcare reform, preferably a single payer system. This would reduce employer costs greatly and they’d then only need to worry about wages – even workman’s comp would be reduced as they would no longer have to pay for workplace injuries.

As far as unemployment goes, I think that the economy would slowly but surely benefit from greater health care availability which will lead to new employment opportunities.

A relatively recent problem associated with unemployment is the practice of credit checks for hiring purposes unrelated to cash handling or finance positions. These practices make it almost impossible for someone who has gotten behind on their bills to get hired – the bills they are behind on because they are unemployed! So making these practices illegal other than when hiring for cash handling or finance...
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