Bacterial Cell

Topics: Bacteria, Eukaryote, Microorganism Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: February 25, 2013
What are bacteria? 

Bacteria are tiny little organisms that are everywhere around us. We can't see them without a microscope because they are so small, but they are in the air, on our skin, in our bodies, in the ground, and all throughout nature. 

Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms. Their cell structure is unique in that they don't have a nucleus and most bacteria have cell walls similar to plant cells. They come in all sorts of shapes including rods, spirals, and spheres. Some bacteria can "swim" around using long tails called flagella. Others just hang out or glide along. 

Are bacteria dangerous? 

Most bacteria aren't dangerous, but some are and can make us sick. These bacteria are called Pathogens. Pathogens can cause diseases in animals and plants. Some examples of pathogens are leprosy, food poisoning, pneumonia, tetanus, and typhoid fever. 

Fortunately, we have antibiotics we can take which help to fight off the bad pathogens. We also have antiseptics to help us keep wounds clean of bacteria and antibiotic soap we use to wash to help keep off bad pathogens. Remember to wash your hands! 

Are bacteria all bad? 

Not at all. Actually most bacteria are very helpful to us. They play an important role in the planet's ecosystem as well as in human survival. 

Bacteria in the soil 

Bacteria work hard in the soil for us. One type of bacteria, called Decomposers, break down material from dead plants and animals. This might sound kind of gross, but it's an important function that helps to create soil and get rid of dead tissue. Another type of bacteria in the soil is Rhizobium bacteria. Rhisobium bacteria helps to fertilize the soil with nitrogen for plants to use when growing. 

Bacteria in food 

Yep, there's bacteria in our food. Yuck! Well, they aren't really that bad and bacteria is used when making foods like yogurt, cheese, pickles, and soy sauce. 

Bacteria in our bodies 

There are many good bacteria in our bodies. A...
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