Augustus Caesar and His Historical Legacy

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Z. Alexander
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25 July 2012
Augustus Caesar and His Historical Legacy
Augustus Caesar was a highly respected ruler of the Roman Empire. Augustus rose to his power after his uncle, Julius Caesar, was killed. He was forced to clean up the mess Julius had left after his assassination. The Roman Republic was shattered after all the fighting that took place to decipher the future leader of Rome. The problems that occurred were not from outside threats, it was inside the city where the disruption began and tore the city apart. Augustus Caesar believed that only a strong monarchy could bring the city back up on its feet. He ruled with republican views because he knew the ruling class would support him, and that was what he needed. Later on once he became a legitimate ruler of Rome he took the name princeps, which meant first citizen, rather than dictator or king. This made him seem as if he was not as powerful and overbearing as past rulers of the Roman Empire. Augustus Caesar had a very positive historical legacy. He did many things for the public to keep them safe and also helped the impoverished people while rewarding those who were successful. Caesar improved every aspect of Rome from the law, to the people, to taxes. He was an all-around gratuitous ruler. Augustus Caesar was a strong ruler from the beginning of his reign to the end, his techniques for ruling were highly successful, and he left behind a very positive legacy.

Augustus Caesar was Julius Caesar’s grandnephew. Once Julius Caesar was assassinated he left the Roman Republic to be handed down to Augustus, Octavian at the time, to rule. He later gained the name Augustus once he became ruler of the Roman Empire. His ruling exemplified the transition of Rome from a republic to an empire. He ruled from 31 B.C. to A.D. 14 (SPARKNOTES). This was a time of great prosperity and expansion for Rome.

Julius Caesar was assassinated by Brutus and Cassius. In order to keep the Roman Republic in the...
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