Atomic Structure Notes

Topics: Atom, Electron, Electric charge Pages: 4 (966 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Atomic structure: scientists
1.Democritus: 1st person to think of atom (500 BCE)- philosopher Atom is the smallest piece of an element that has same properties as the element. 2.Lavisier: Law of conservation of mass/ matter

Mass can’t be created or destroy; same amount of stuff 3.Joseph Proust: Law of constant composition (law of definite Proportions) •A compound is always made of the same elements in the same ratio. 4.John Dalton: English school teacher who derived the atomic theory of matter in 1803 same time around the Louisiana purchase) Elements can combine to form mass compound the ratio of one of the elements will be 2/1 and the other elements will be in small whole numbers. Law of multiple proportions.

5.Michael Faraday: Reasoned that the structure of the atom was related to electricity. 6.Ben Franklin: Big Bad Ben
-Discovered that lightning was static electricity
-Static charges don’t move
Current electricity- moving electrical charge
Ex: outlet & battery
-discovered 2 charges positive and negative/ Opposite charges attract like charges repel. 7.J.J Thomson: Cathode ray tube
-Discovered and named the electron (e-)
8.Henri Bequerel: discovered that uranium is radioactive
Radioactivity = spontaneous emission of radiant E from an element as its nucleus decays. Radioactivity does not come from stable elements. 9.Marrie & Pierre Curie: Discovered 2 radioactive element Po(polonium) and Ra (Radioactive) 10.Ernest Rutherford: British scientist who discovered 3 kinds of radioactivity. Alpha: 2 plus charge & heaviest/ 3 is the slowest

Beta: charge very light weight; fast
Gamma: no charge (neutral) (no particles) Just lead is dense so the radiation stays Alpha: scattering (gold foil experiment)
Discovered the nucleus of the atom
He used gold atoms(cause its dense)
Ruthefords experiment description:
He put a lead box with a emitter inside the box. He aimed the box at a sheet of gold foil. So the surrounded the set up with...
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