Topics: High school, Homelessness, Tend Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Assimilation has definitely been continually reinforced each and everyday by the way we see people. An example would be homeless people, I think many people in our society tend to neglect them, we see them as people who are unsuccessful in society and we judge them immediately by concluding that they are either high school dropouts, alcoholics/addicted to drugs, etc. I too myself judge them, because of the way they present themselves I assumed many if not all of them did not receive an education any higher than high school. I had a recent experience where I was driving home and after getting off at the freeway I stopped at the light to see a homeless man asking for money. Usually I don’t give money to homeless people simply because I was one of those people who enforced assimilation, I felt that he would just spend the money on things that weren’t essential to him such as food and toiletries, and instead would spend it on cigarettes, etc. It led me to even assume more things, because I felt that he was homeless due to being an alcoholic I assumed he didn’t go to church. I ended up giving him $3 which was all of the money I had in my wallet and a PB&J sandwich my mom made earlier that morning. His response was priceless, he looked like the happiest guy in the world and to my astonishment he told me “God Bless” and we had a brief conversation about the church he went to. Society including myself tends to think of homeless people in this way, and to my experience it is not true or okay to enforce this theory because at most our perceptions of those people are wrong.
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