Assignment Preparation and Critical Analysis

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1. Introductions to assignments and their purpose3

2. The Critical Review5

i) The Purpose of the Critical Review5
ii) The Content of the Critical Review6

3. Meeting the Assessment Criteria7

4. Examples of two assignments showing the
significance of critical analysis9

5. Writing assignment reports13

1.)Introduction to Assignments and Their Purpose

How will I be assessed?

To be awarded the Certificate in Management or the Diploma in Management, or Masters of Business Administration you will need to:

▪ Complete the relevant programme of study

▪ Submit one assignment per module

To achieve the award you must pass all the assignments and projects with the minimum of 50%. All the work you submit for assessment must be original.

This section provides information on how to prepare assignments and submit them for assessment.


The assignments provide you with an opportunity to:

▪ apply your learning in the workplace..

▪ make improvements to the way in which you and your team, department or business unit work.

Each module contains an assignment brief that explains what you should do and what your tutor is looking for when marking.

In writing your assignment, you should show that you:

▪ understand the concepts described in the module and can introduce relevant concepts from your broader reading and from previous modules

▪ can analyse information, form conclusions and make realistic and relevant recommendations

▪ are able to apply appropriate techniques, for example, in problem-solving or when evaluating options.

▪ can relate management concepts and skills to your own business environment or to a given set of circumstances.

How assignments work

Each assignment will follow a number of broad stages. These are as follows:

ReadBackground reading including the CMDP module handouts, management journals and text books

InvestigateResearch in the workplace, including data-gathering, interviews with team members etc.

AnalyseReview of findings. Identification of trends, gaps, opportunities. Development of theories and ideas.

ReportProvision of conclusions, recommendations and implementation issues

2.)The Critical Analysis

i) The Purpose of the Critical Analysis

Your critical literature analysis will form the foundation on which your research is built. As you will have gathered, its main purpose is to help you to develop a good understanding and insight into relevant previous research and the trends that have emerged. You would not expect a scientific researcher inquiring into the causes of cot death to start his or her research without first reading about the findings of other cot death research. Likewise you should not expect to start your assignment research without first reading what other researchers in your area have already found out.

The precise purpose of your reading of the literature will depend on the approach you are intending to use in your assignment research. For some research projects you will use the literature to help you to identify theories and ideas that you will test using data. This is known as a deductive approach in which you develop a theoretical or conceptual framework which you subsequently test using data.

For other research projects, you will be planning to explore your data and to develop theories from them that you will subsequently relate to the literature. This is known as an inductive approach and, although your research still has a clearly defined purpose with research question(s) and objectives, you do not start with any predetermined theories or conceptual frameworks.

It is believed such an approach cannot be taken without a competent knowledge of your subject area. There is, however, no need to review all of the literature before collecting your...
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