Assignment: Crowdsourcing

Topics: Problem solving, Marketing, Business process modeling Pages: 4 (970 words) Published: February 18, 2013

What is?

Crowdsourcing was used for first time like a word in a Wired magazine article written for Jeff Howe on June 2006.The word comes from a mix between ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’. In this article, the author try to remark how technology has reduced the gap between professionals and amateur and how companies can take advantage of this without having to pay for ‘externalize’ services who can be made in an open calling to whoever wants to reply. It’s a win-win system: companies have cheap resources, and amateur enthusiast have a place to put their effort into something useful. Later, Henk Van Ess, writer and web strategist, used in September 2010 the concept of crowdsourcing to refer this like a way to ‘channelling the experts desire to solve a problem and then freely share the answer with everyone’. This is a good abstract for what crowdsourcing is: a production model to solve problems.

What is the role of the individual?
The users, or ‘crowd’, will usually create online communities to share knowledge and find the best solution.The role of the individual in crowdsourcing is to channel all their knowledge, enthusiasm and time about a specific subject, and take advantage of that helping to solve problems with a big open online community of people like him, doing the same. The individual will obtain benefits from this. In one side, he will be helping to solve a real problem and he will obtain new knowledge too from sharing ideas with the online community. On the other side, they can get paid for this on lower but significantamounts of money that can grow later. They will improve the expertise in the field he chooses to participate like a user of crowdsourcing dynamic.

The role for business
* Marketing department (R&D process)
In marketing department, the R&D process weight a lot. In order to gather opinion from different aspect, firms usually invest a lot into researches. Since crowdsourcing can provide...
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