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Emergent- student is able to comprehend key words in conversation on topics of immediate personal relevance. The student has a limited vocabulary and is able to respond using single words and phrases. Errors in phonology and syntax will impede the comprehension and production of language. Standard 2: The student will express orally his or her own thinking and ideas. E-8 Following multiple step directions/ instructions which include prepositional phrases E-9 Asking questions to clarify ideas and concepts

E-10: Providing two step directions/ instructions using simple sentences, key words, and phrases. Writing Standard 4 The student will integrate elements of effective writing to develop engaging and focused text. E-3 writing with a given purpose and for a specific audience with instructional support E-12 using provided vocabulary that conveys the intended message

In class students will have learned vocabulary related to giving directions and will have practiced following oral and written directions on simplified maps. In addition they will have done partner work giving simple 2 step directions using scaffolding statements and vocabulary.

To assess students’ ability to follow and give oral directions using a map, students will be asked to do three separate activities.

A. For the listening segment, students will be asked to identify three routes described by the teacher on a map familiar to them of OLD TOWN SCOTTSDALE. The map will have four clearly marked routes. This will be turned in to the teacher and graded using a simple rubric.

Old Town Scottsdale Listening Rubric

Route one
no route identified correctly
1 route correctly identified
2 routes correctly identified
3 routes correctly identified

Student listening sheet emergent level

B. For the writing segment, students will be given a copy of the same map without any identified routes. On this map, there will be a word bank of possible words needed to give someone else directions. In addition, the handout will contain three suggested routes each with both a starting and ending point. Students will be given a short period of time (10 minutes or so) to write down the directions they would use to tell someone how to get from the starting point to the end point. Although expected to complete three sets of directions, students will be able to choose the one they feel is their best work and have that one graded for both grammatical accuracy and content. They will circle their choice so that the teacher will know which set to grade.

Old Town Scottsdale Written Directions Rubric

one set of directions or less
two sets of directions
three sets of directions
Student choice-content
directions are not correct/ audience does not arrive at target Directions do not mention all steps but audience does arrive at target correctly directions mention all steps and audience arrives at target correctly Student choice-grammatical accuracy

4 or more errors grammar/spelling
2-3 errors grammar/spelling
I error or less grammar/spelling

Writing segment- Emergent Student sheet
You see 4 different possible routes. Choose 3 and write the directions you would tell someone if they asked you for directions. 1. Red School House(1) to Saba’s Western Wear (5(
2. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art SMoCA (13) to the Mexican Import Shop (2) 3. Library (15) to Cavalliere’s Blacksmith Shop (10)
4. Bischoff’s Shades of the West (3) to Pink Pony restaurant (8) Write your directions below:
1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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