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Notes for ASHA Trainers
Part 1
(Includes Content for Rounds 1 and 2 of ASHA training)

Notes for ASHA Trainers
(Includes Content for Rounds 1 and 2 of ASHA training)

Part 1


Notes for ASHA T rainers

The sections on maternal and newborn health in the Notes for the

T rainer are excerpted from SEARCH, Gadchiroli’s Manual on ‘How to T rain ASHA in Home-Based Newborn Care’. The training methodology for Integrated Management of Neonatal Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI) package is excerpted from the T raining Module for Health Workers, MOHFW 2003. , Thanks are also due to members of the National ASHA Mentoring Group for their inputs.

Notes for ASHA T rainers



Notes for ASHA T rainers

Session 1

Introduction to the Trainer Notes
These trainer notes are intended for the use of trainers who are responsible for training ASHA and her facilitators in Modules 6 and 7. The notes are organised in three parts. In this first part, the key functions of ASHA and the skills she is expected to gain are reviewed first, followed by maternal, newborn, nutrition and child health, covering all of Module 6 and Part A of Module 7. Part 2 of the Trainer notes for the ASHA trainer will cover management of the sick newborn and selected infectious diseases. Part 3 will cover general aspects of women’s health and other issues. ASHA and ASHA facilitators will be trained in Modules 6 and 7 over twenty days in four rounds of training. Each training round is expected to last for five days with a gap of eight to twelve weeks between the training rounds to allow the ASHA to practice the skills she has learnt in the training. The ASHA facilitators receive additional training on supportive supervision, mentoring and field support for ASHA. This is covered in a separate Module. Training of trainers (TOT) for the ASHA takes place as follows: A core of national trainers train state trainers who are affiliated to state level training sites. These state trainers in turn train trainers drawn from the various blocks of a district who are called the ASHA trainers. They are full time faculty dedicated to ASHA training. The state also identifies about four to five resource persons from the district who are experts in subject matter to support the ASHA trainers when required. Together with the ASHA trainers they constitute the district training team. TOT of ASHA trainers covers the content of ASHA Modules 6 and 7 as well sessions on participatory training, supportive supervision and evaluation. Round 1 TOT of two weeks is designed to cover principles of participatory training, supervision, the entire content of Module 6 and the nutrition and child health content of Module 7, i.e. Part A. This enables the ASHA trainers to carry out the first two Rounds of the ASHA workshops. The agenda for Round 1 TOT is in Handout 1. Round 2 TOT covers the management of sick newborn and infectious diseases. Round 3 TOT will cover women’s health issues and revision of previous topics, including overall evaluation. For ASHA, Round 3 training covers management of the sick newborn and Round 4 covers women’s health issues and infectious diseases. Rounds three and four of ASHA training also include time for revision of topics taught in previous

Notes for ASHA Trainers


rounds. The agenda for Rounds 1 and 2 of ASHA training is in Handout 2. Accreditation and certification of trainers and ASHA respectively are also undertaken on completion of these rounds.

The content of the trainer manual is organised in the Table below. Handout 3 contains a note and checklist on how to plan for organisation of an ASHA workshop. Handout 4 contains a note for state trainers on organising the TOT for ASHA trainers.

Organisation of Trainer Manual
Session No. Topic 1. INTRODUCTION Competencies covered: Structure of training: Training course content Workshop Schedule (Handout 1) Linking measurable outcomes to skills, Role Clarity of an ASHA and how...
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