Arts in the Moro Region

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Arts in the Muslim Region

The Muslim south where the minority Muslim population is concentrated about nine (9) ethnic-linguistic groups: 1. Tausug
2. Maranaos
3. Maguindanao
4. Samal
5. Yakan
6. Sanggil
7. Badjao
8. Molbog
9. Jama Mapun

Okil or okir (wood carvings) - is the best represented by brass works, where one sees a rare blending of the aesthetic, the utilitarian, and the social purposes.

Brass works:
* Kabu
* Gadua- jar-like containers with covers
* Langguay- coverless containers with decorated rims
* Kendi- an ornamented teapot
* Salapa and lutuan- both associated with betel-nut chewing * Talam- the gorgeous tray often used as modern table top * Kodon- used for cooking

As a brave and freedom-loving people, the Muslim Filipinos developed a wide assortment of weapons. They used grave markers in order to make these weapons like wood and coral stones to carve arabesque designs.

* Barung- used by tausogs of sulo
* Kris-maranaos
* Kampilan- used by maranaos and maguindanaons
* Gunong
* Lantaka
Although non-figurative art is predominant among Muslim Filipinos, there are a number of notable figurative types found among them. * Sarimanok- is unmistakably fowl-like in form. The head and wings are always present. A fish invariably is associated with it hanging from the break, held in the claw or serving as a base from the Sarimanok. The most important quality of the Sarimanok in its tradition form is the fact that it is executed in the round and never, like the naga (dragon-like) motif. The Sarimanok has been transformed into a symbol power, wealth, and rank. Muslim Literature:

* Darangen- a popular epic sometimes called the story of Bantogen. The epic tells the adventure of the characters aboard swift boats in search of rich booty and slaves from the lands, and of love,...
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