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Topics: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ziggurat Pages: 2 (288 words) Published: August 29, 2013
1.       How did the earliest sculptors use the shapes found in natural materials to their advantage? (5.1)

They used to the natural formation of the cave surfaces to suggest to the artist of the form depicted. 2.       Why does so little remain of Sumerian architecture? (5.2)

Since the Sumerians used mud bricks because building stones were not available like they were in Mesopotamia. Nothing remains of the structues except for the 3.       How was the function of a ziggurat reflected in its appearance (5.2)

The ziggurat included stepping levels, dramatic staircases, and subtly curved lines. The purpose of the ziggurat served as a bridge to gap the human and divine, the earth below and the spirits above. That is why the ziggurat looks like a giant staircase. 4.       Why do we know so much about Egyptian society and art?

5.       What were the two most important types of Egyptian architecture? How were they similar and different? 6.       Select an example of Old Kingdom sculpture illustrated in this chapter. How is it typical of the sculpture created during the tat period?  

Be able to identify the civilization of where the art piece came from of the following works: The slide will be shown without the title.  
a.       Votive Figure of a Nobleman
Sumerian Kingdom/Mesopotamia Kingdom
b.      Seated Scribe
Ancient Egypt
c.       Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Ancient Egypt
d.      Ziggurat at Ur
Ancient Mesopotamia
e.       Step Pyramid of Zoser
Ancient Egypt
f.        The Great Pyramid
Ancient Egypt
g.       Mycenarinus and the Queen
Ancient Egypt
h.      Dying Lioness
i.         Venus of Willendorf
Prehistoric Era
j.         Mask of Tutankhamen
Ancient Egypt
k. Caves of Lascaux
Spain and in France
Closed to the public because of humidity
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