Areas of Interest: Inter and Intra Organization Problems in Plan Making and Implementation

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Topic: Inter and Intra Organization Coordination Problems in Plan Making and Implementation in Delhi * Multiplicity of authorities
* Division of labor v/s coordination
* Competing /parallel responsibilities

* Planning Delivery= plan making + implementation
* Service delivery as part of plan implementation
* Delay in these due to coordination problems

Areas of interest:

Problem and need for study:
Delhi is a city which suffers from a multiplicity of agencies. For instance, we have the DDA (Delhi Development Authority, which reports to MoUD, central govt), the Municipalities – North, South, East and New Delhi as well as the Cantonment board (which are Urban Local Bodies) and finally the PWD, Jal Board, Vidyut Board, etc (which answer to the GNCTD ) to name a few. All in all, a plethora of authorities with overlapping spheres of activity leading to much confusion and wastage of resources. One arm of the executive does not know what the other is doing leading to chaos and delay in plan implementation and delivery of planning services. Further the special case of Delhi, with law and order and land jurisdiction under Lt. Governor thereby under central control, creates more complications, ultimately leading to a blame game in which development suffers. The 73rd and 74th amendment Acts attempt devolution of power and clear definition of responsibilities through the District planning committees and Metropolitan Planning committees. However, the GNCTD has sought exemption from the Union Ministry of Home Affairs from constituting DPC and MPC, although the provisions of the 74th Constitution Amendment Act are mandatory and there is no room for any exemption. Whether they would have solved the problem of multiplicity of responsibilities given the already confused state of affairs between the Centre, State and ULBs in Delhi still remains a question. “Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit blamed multiplicity of authority for the impediments caused in the development of the Capital. Stating that "multiplicity of authority in Delhi is a critical impediment to speedy implementation of developmental projects and the habit of shifting of responsibilities has also developed," she said this was what had been creating bottlenecks on the way of Delhi becoming a world-class city.” – The Hindu Objectives:

* Understanding the organizational setup for plan making, implementation, service delivery and maintenance in Delhi * To assess the points of conflict and problem areas in this model which are detrimental to development projects and planning * Take up a case study where development has been hindered because of coordination problems and identify ways in which it could have been avoided

Scope and limitations:

Research methods:

Identification of data and information sources:

Literature Study:
(On conflict)
1. Stars and their Supporting Cast: State, Market and Community as Actors in Urban Governance John Minnery, Urban Policy and Research, Vol. 25, No. 3, 325–345, September 2007  Concept of centrality of one of the 3 players (market, state and community) as a form of interaction and further conflict and support from the other two.

2. Infrastructure Provision and the Negotiating Process
Frank Ennis
(Pg 13) Infrastructure provision: the negotiation process:
‘ the key to a successful outcome in bargaining over developer contributions is to conduct the process through principled negotiations’

(pg 15) Debate of ‘who pays for what’ :

3. Conflict and conflict management in urban planning : the application of general theories to urban planning in the Queensland Local Government context, Minnery, J. R. (John Robert) (1983), School of Geography, Planning and Architecture, The University of Queensland. From B.Plan Thesis by Apala Mishra , SPA Delhi

Possible points of conflict in Urban Planning process
Types-Organizational or professional conflict
Over limited...

Bibliography: 4. Some problems in the coordination of Planning: Managing interdependencies in the planning of Delhi, India, Ashok Kumar, Space and polity, Vol 4, No, 2 , 167-185, 2000
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