Are the Concerns over Globalization Justified?

Topics: Culture, Developed country, Developing country Pages: 4 (1717 words) Published: September 17, 2014
DW 4 Question: Are the concerns over globalization justified?

Globalization is one of the most vibrant, contested, and debated issues in modern international relations. Some argue that globalization brings great benefits, while others argue that globalization is fundamentally flawed. Countries in the world today are largely interconnected, whether through trade relations, cultural exchanges, multinational cooperation on world issues like the environment and natural resources. The term “globalization” is a process of worldwide movement towards economic, financial, trade and communications integration, where the world becomes more interlinked and connected. Whether the concerns over globalization is justified or not, questions if the worries of globalization is supported by logical and substantial reasons. As much as globalization has its pros sand cons, I feel that the concerns over globalization are valid. The reason being that globalization results in culture leveling, ethnocentrism, economic disparity, technological disparity, environmental degradation and lastly, unemployment and labor drain

One concern of globalization is culture leveling, where cultures become homogenous and local culture is lost. This is process by which different cultures become increasingly similar to one another, most often as a result of travel and communication. The danger of cultural leveling is that it can erode the traditional cultural practices, beliefs and interests of one group, in favor of another, therefore creating one culture that dominates all others. Due to globalization, countries have been opening up to trade and welcoming foreign investments to their country. Local cultures feel threatened and overwhelmed by foreign products and their associated values Like in the phase of Singapore, there are many foreign investments, such as the all-famous McDonalds. Those foreign eateries are slowly replacing the hawker centres and food courts here, as more people...
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