APUSH Timeline (Colonialism-Civil War)

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Compromise of 1850 Pages: 7 (935 words) Published: March 2, 2014
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Colonial Era (1620-1763)

1. 1620 Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock
1.1. Mayflower Compact agrees to submit to will of the majority 1.2. Earliest democracy from puritan roots

2. 1691 Glorious (Bloodless Revolution)
2.1. Lead to Salutary Neglect
2.2. Allowed independence to flourish

3. 1670 Bacon’s Rebellion
3.1. Former indentured servants revolt
3.2. Early instance of class warfare
3.3. Indentured servitude begins to die off as popularity of slavery rises

4. 1692 Salem Witch Trials
4.1. Class warfare, lower class accusing upper class
4.2. Widened social stratification
4.3. Fear that commercialism would eclipse puritan values

5. 1730’s-40’s Great Awakening
5.1. Increased denominations and religious diversity
5.2. Founding of Colleges
5.3. Broke down sectional boundaries and denominational lines

6. 1754 Seven Year’s War
6.1. New wave of independence with French gone
6.2. Gained the Ohio River Valley

7. 1754 Albany Congress
7.1. Designed to promote colonial unity
7.2. Benjamin Franklin’s famous “Join or Die” cartoon published

Revolutionary Era (1763-1783)

1. Mercantalism
1.1. British justification of colonies
1.2. British using colonies for monetary gain
1.3. Colonists tenants, not citizens

2. 1764-1867: Sugar Act, Quartering Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Acts 2.1. “Taxation without Representation”
2.2. Angered the colonists, created resentment between British and Colonials

3. 1770 Boston Massacre
3.1. First violent clash of British v. Colonials
3.2. Furthered Colonial resentment

4. 1774 First Continental Congress
4.1. Show of Colonial unity
4.2. Reduced colonial friction
4.3. The Association (complete boycott of British imports)

5. 1776 Thomas Paine’s Common Sense
5.1. Foundational document of the US
5.2. Extremely influential, rallied support for rebel cause
5.3. Foundation of Independence and Foreign Policy

6. 1776 Declaration of Independence
6.1. Source of inspiration for many revolutions and movements against arbitrary authority 6.2. Inspiration for the French Rights of Man Declaration that sparked the French Revolution

7. 1783 Treaty of Paris
7.1. British formally recognized US as an independent state
7.2. US stretched to Mississippi River, Great Lakes, and Florida 7.3. Retain portion of Newfoundland Fisheries
7.4. London able to rebuild military and Naval strength, prevails in conflict against Napoleon, becomes major world power

Confederation and the Early Republic (1783-1800)

1. 1777 Articles of Confederation
1.1. Draft of Constitution
1.2. Not ratified by all 13 states
1.3. loose construction ultimately failed--constitution born

2. 1786 Shay’s Rebellion
2.1. Backcountry farmers revolt about loosing land and holdings 2.2. Debtor Relief laws passed
2.3. Economic classes warring

3. 1791 Bill of Rights
3.1. Safeguard of American principals
3.2. 10th Amendment reserves all rights not explicitly stated in Constitution to state governments

4. 1973 Neutrality Proclimation
4.1. Official neutrality of government and citizens
4.2. Spread isolationism
4.3. Controversial between new parties
4.4. Informally followed for many years

5. 1794 Whiskey Rebellion
5.1. Distillers revolted against high excise tax of whiskey
5.2. Washington sent federal troops to put down rebellion
5.3. Federal authority substantially strengthened government and respect

6. 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts
6.1. War against Jeffersonians
6.2. Clash of new political parties

7. 1803 Virginia Kentucky Resolutions
7.1. compromise between clashing political parties
7.2. later used by southerners to support nullification and secession

Later Republic, Jefferson to Monroe (1800-1820)

1. 1800 Revolution (Election) of 1800
1.1. Return to original spirit of revolution
1.2. peaceful, orderly transfer of power

2. 1807 Embargo Act
2.1. Attempted peaceful...
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