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The Early Chesapeake
The founding of Jamestown:
-1607 Established their colony, named Jamestown
-London company promoters had no desire of a family-centered community, there were no women in Jamestown -Captain John smith became council president in fall of 1608, later on smith left -
-1609 the London company was changed to The Virginia company. From the king they got more power over the colony and also more land. -Winter of 1609-1610 became known as the “starving Time” Europeans where forced to eat dogs, cats ,rats ,snakes, Toadstool, horsehinds , and corpses of dead men. -just when Jamestown was almost extinct Lord De La Warr became the first governor. His strict leadership got Jamestown back on its feet. -Jamestown expanded when colonist discovered the marketable crop tobacco.

-many people where against using and selling tobacco.
-Tobacco spread through Jamestown
-the Tobacco Cultivation Created pressure for territorial expansion. -English farmers start to used so called native land
-In 1612 The Jamestown planter John Rolfe produced the high quality tobacco. •Expansion
-Tobacco wasn’t enough to help the Virginia Company 1616 there was no profits. -1618 “The Headright System” the Virginia company established this trying to recruit new settlers and workers to the colony profitable. They were fifty-acre grants, new settlers got fifty acres of land. -in 1619 they brought 100 Englishwomen/ ironworkers and other skilled crafts men to Virginia to become wives of their colonist. The women would be sold for 120 pounds of tobacco. -July, 30,1619, in Jamestown church , delegates for different community met as the House of Burgesses. The first meeting of an elected legislature, a representative assembly, within what was to become The United states. -The first step to the enslavement of Africans within what was to be the American republic was in 1619. - Thomas Dale assaulted Powhatan Indians by kidnaping the chiefs daughter, when the chief didn’t try to take her back the daughter converted and married John Rolfe. She died later after -The Indian Chief Powhatan planned attacks after them taking his passed away, but when he died his brother Opechancanough became head of the native confederacy and defended the tribal lands from the European encroachments. -March 1622 tribesmen attacked,347 whites of all ages and genders were killed including John Rolfe -The aftermath of the 1622 uprising ended in bankruptcy

-In 1624 James revoked the company’s charter, and the colony became under the control of the crown, till 1776.

Exchanges of the agricultural Technology
-The English where more technologically advanced then the natives. -the reason why the spanish in south America had grown rich was because the natives there had built advanced civilization and minded gold and silver. “The Spanish wouldn’t have gotten any more money if they had ill people, very little planted, and also labored and manured like Virginia had.” -the survival of Jamestown was largely the result of agricultural technologies developed by Indians and borrowed by the English.

Maryland and the Calverts
-Maryland was George Cavlert’s ( the first lord Baltimore) dream -after he died, in 1632 his son ( the second Baltimore) Cecilius . Received a charter that granted him territory in parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. -1634 two ships with at most 300 in each landed out the village of St. Mary’s, Unlike the Virginians there was no problems with the local indains

Turbulent Virginia
-from 1642 through 1670’s sir William Berkeley remained in control of the government In Jamestown. -Berkeley was the reason for the put down of the 1644 Indian uprising. -Virginia’s population increased and by 1660 it had about 40,000 people. -in 1652 three counties where established in the territory promised to the Indians. -1619 all men of the age 70 or older were entitled to vote. 1670, voting was restricted to...
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