Apes: Ogallala Aquifer

Topics: Irrigation, Aquifer, Great Plains Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Ogallala Aquifer (10:45 min.)
1. Where does the water for the aquifer come from?
2. Why do they call the Ogallala Aquifer water “fossil”? it was develop million years ago, and recharge very slowly
3. How big is the Ogallala Aquifer?
174000sq mile +
4. How many states drain water from the Ogallala Aquifer?
8 mid western states
5. How much of the land is sand dunes?
20 percent of its land
6. What is the depth of the Ogallala Aquifer?
few feet to a thousand ft down
7. How many gallons of water are pumped each day during the growing season? 14 billion gallon
8. What is the primary use of the water?
irrigate crops
9. How is the Ogallala Aquifer water classified as a resource? non renewable natural resource
10. Global climate change may cause what phenomena? Give an example. extreme weather event, ex. prolong drought
11. Describe the American Dust Bowl of the 1920's.
it was a baaaad drought that made people migrate cause the land won't grow any crops 12. How does the Ogallala Aquifer affect the world food production? it affects greatly because of how we depend on it, it's needed to provide for us. 13. During drought, what happens to the aquifer?

is still intact because it's underground.
The Ogallala Aquifer of the Texas High Plains: A Race Against Time (26:33 min) 1. How has the drought changed Texas?
aquifers are disappearing at a rapid rate.
2. Describe the Southern Texas Plains.
depending on aquifer
3. What has been the big challenge?
waiting for the change to replace the aquifer.
4. How much rain falls in the Southern Texas Plains?
5. When was the aquifer discovered?
6. How was agriculture developed with the aquifer?
base on the ogallala aquifer
7. What effect does it have on the region?
it produce 80% of production in its region
8. What does agriculture research try to do?
look for answer problem is water.
9. Draw a map of the Ogallala aquifer and show the states involved.

10. What is not happening...
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