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Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana, New Orleans Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: February 5, 2014

National Response Framework
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Criticism to the Hurricane Katrina Response Framework

Following the Hurricane Katrina landfall of August 2005; the greatest natural disaster in the history of the United States that claimed and destroyed myriads of lives there is a debate for criticism of roles of different stakeholders’ response.

Federal Government Response
President Bush allocated 10.5 billion US dollars of relief kitty four days within the hurricane, and assigned 7000 active troops to help with relief tasks. These relief efforts were however slow owing to the poverty ascribed to most of the affected regions (Moynihan, 2008). There was also a shortage of National Guard Unit in terms of staffing following some of the units’ deployment overseas. In addition, local recruiting attempts from schools as well as the community was constrained, resulting in less than the ideal quantity of resources. On September 2, Ray Nagin, the Mayor of New Orleans, expressed his frustration citing inadequate provision of reinforcement by the federal authorities (Townsend, 2006). Official help requests in line with apt command chains were not fruitful due to delayed engagement of Federal Management Agency, for federal assistance (Kapucu 2006). The local police together with Emergency Response workers deemed the situation a traumatic one, with at least two suicidal officer cases being reported. Appleseed Foundation reported that local entities were better placed in terms of response than the federal arm. Inadequate legal authority and insubordinate requirements for application and those for eligibility set federal response back. In most cases, federal government was not flexible, lacked training and the requisite resources to suffice relief demands (Moynihan 2008).

State and Local Government
Officials of the State of Louisiana like governor Blanco and leaders charged with managing state emergency face wide criticism for...

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