AP World History Chapter 10 Textbook Notes

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World Civilizations - The Global Experience Fifth Edition AP Textbook Chapter 10: A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe
In Depth
Post Classical Period
Fall of the Roman Empire
Known as the Middle Ages
Gradual recovery from the shock of the Roman Empire’s collapse Growing interaction with other societies (Mediterranean mostly) Forms of civilization Northward covering Western Europe

Spread of new religious beliefs
Christian missionaries converted people of polytheistic faiths Produced and amalgam
beliefs in magic and supernatural spirits coexisted with Christianity

Network of expanding contacts among major societies (Asia Africa Europe) New technologies
New tools from Asia spurred agriculture from the !0th century onward New crops in Africa
Increase in food production
Mediterranean trade
Technological gains from the Arabs
First paper factory

11th/12th centuries, contact with Byzantines and the Arabs
taught new mathematics sciences and philosophies

Stages of Post Classical Development
Catholic church advances and new empire briefly
After 900 C.E. revival
Feudalism and the church changes political development
550 C.E. - 900 C.E.
West weak from fall of the Roman Empire
Italy divided politically
Spain in the hands of the Muslim peoples
Center of Postclassic Wst was in France, Low England, southern & western Germany Viking invasions continued West’s weakness
Ireland to Sicily
Reading and writing kept in hierarchy and monasteries of the Catholic church copied older manuscripts

The Manorial System: Obligations and Allegiances
the system of economic and political relations between landlords and their peasant labors originated in the later Roman Empire
strengthened by decline of trade and lack of larger political structures

agricultural workers who received some protections, including the administration of justice, from the landlords; in return...
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