Topics: Absolute monarchy, Prussia, Monarchy Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: March 6, 2014
In what ways and to what extent did absolutism affect the power and status of the European nobility in the period 1650 to 1750? Use examples from at least TWO countries.

France: decreased nobility power, Louis XIV gave nobles very little power, made them his “lapdogs” at Versailles, result of the Fronde rebellion Russia: decreased nobility power, Peter the Great let ranking in armies be based on ability, giving lower class people the opportunity to move up, nobility did not like his reforms

Louis XIV declared his goal was "one king, one law, one faith." Analyze the methods the king used to achieve this objective and discuss the extent to which he was successful.

One king: built Versailles, center of attention, established his absolute rule One law: gave nobles very little power, made them his “lapdogs” at Versailles, result of the Fronde One faith: tolerated Protestants but disliked them, revoked Edict of Nantes, Catholic unity

Analyze the major ways through which Czar Peter the Great (1689-1725) sought to reform his society and its institutions in order to strengthen Russia and its position in Europe.

Modernized Russia, window to the west, warm water port, serfdom, mercantilism, no more hereditary rule, required schooling, abolished old Russian traditions, reformed politics (reorganized admin, “senate” controlled by czar) and religion (head of Eastern Orthodox Church, replaced patriarch with Holy Synod)

Analyze the military, political, and social factors that account for the rise of Prussia between 1640 and 1786.

Military: Strong kings began to emerge in many lands in the course of the 17th century, war and the threat of war aided rulers greatly in their attempts to build absolute monarchies, endless struggle for power, as eastern rulers not only fought one another but also battled with armies of invaders from Asia, 1713-1740 was the growth of Prussian military, royal absolutism created in Prussia was stronger and more effective that that...
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