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Topics: Homosexuality, Gender, Cosmetics Pages: 8 (2787 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Emman U. Jumpay

Honey Joy M. Bellen

Myza F. Rodeo

Patricia M. Medina

Ronnel C. Andal

Homosexual Males within the culture of Metrohair Salon


Sex and Gender are concepts not to be static within just the identity of the people in a society. The diversification of both sex and gender comprises a good population of people not of the same features; this offers our society the beauty of being complex. As researchers as we are, we were interested on the observation of a specific culture where there are people who are deviants of the gender spectrum. The common but not as familiar of where this setting can be found is in a Beauty Salon.

In beauty salons, gays cutting and styling hair is a common sight. This fact leads us to the curiosity on how gender is correlated with the stratification of labor, for we have clinched how homosexual men are culturally expected to work in such industries like beauty salons, comedy bars, etc. The stratification through gender does not stop on the position of an individual in a society but also could determine the type of work he or she does. Are they limited or contained in a specific role or to be more specific, with their position in the labor force? Are the cultural expectations that much of an influence on the decision made by homosexual male beautician of their career?

We can also look at the legal and political issues when it comes to homosexuality. In the professional world, the division between the homosexual and the heterosexual are not only evident with their roles inside their respective working place. We can also analyze this divide with their difference in their rights as laborers and their expected income. Many LGBT groups are advocating to create laws and policies that will protect the homosexuals on their work places and to equip them with existing laws and policies for.

Our study occurred within a beauty salon where there were not only homosexuals within the setting but straight females. Therefore, there is co-existence between heterosexuals and homosexuals which added to our interest in the study.


The objective of our study is to assess some degrees of homophobia in the preference of the customer of the beautician who will work with them. Also, the objective is to observe the distribution of specific tasks assigned to the workers; whether the gender of the worker affects such distribution. The conformation of homosexual male to society’s cultural expectation of them to be working in such a setting is also assessed.


We conducted our observation in “metrohair” salon Los Banos beside Savemore supermarket in front of Los Banos Doctors Medical Center. It occurred on the 31st of March 2013 starting 10:30 am up to 12 pm. The Salon was divided into three sections; the biggest section is assigned for hair treatments, the other is for manicure and pedicure treatments, while the last room is for waxing treatments. It was observed to have over an estimate of 20 workers and more or less 15 customers. It was seen that homosexuals were separated from heterosexual females; homosexuals are assigned to do haircuts and are often preferred by their regular customers of their own, while heterosexual females were seen working on the manicure and pedicure section and waxing section. The researchers have acknowledged stratification of labor with regards to gender.


Metrohair. is the same as in every normal parlor with the usual parlor setting. Customers are welcomed warmly, asked their needs, and guided accordingly. But as I observed, while my group mates participated in the salon as customers, the shop is definitely spacious unlike what I’ve seen in my province. There are three rooms with different functions: one is for haircut, the other is for hair waxing treatment, and last is for cuticle care. I also noticed that the salon,...
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