Animal Humans

Topics: Love, Plato, Aristotle Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Animal Humans9/6/12

KNOW: essence, palinode, idea, philo-sophia, atopus, atopotatos

In Plat: Plato is developing a theory of essences, form as those qualities that are participated by actual bodies of the world.

What makes you essentially you?
* Wiring of the brain
* Human animals are animals that can draw distinguish from what’s good/bad. * Inheritant traits
* Your particular interpretations of the environment
* Specific history of your exposure to different things

Plato gives us the way of thinking about individual essence and species essence. * Individuals should be searching for wisdom. A lover of wisdom. What is this wisdom that we are searching for? * Difference b/w Isaac and ram: Isaac knows what’s coming. Philos=love in greek. Isaac doesn’t love it but he knows. Sophia=knows in greek. Ram doesn’t know what’s coming, therefore ram cannot be philosophia. Animals don’t love knowledge in itself.

How does Plato get us to the point that human animals have a trait essential than that of non-human animals? * This is the story phodreaus will tell us.
* Setting: begins in the city and moves outside of the city. Begins with the master/teacher Socrates bumping into the younger student/ & the younger student Phedreas says to him I just heard the most amazing speech and wandering off to practice it. What is the essence of love? What is it to love? Lecture thesis: Love is what should be denied to the lover. This stuck Phedreaus as a great thesis. < Topic of first speech. * Socrates was really ugly but when you get to the essence of Socrates, that is what was really beautiful. * Socrates and P are in transit, and the direction where they’re going in is indeterminate. This is no accident b/c philosophy is the study of indeterminacy of position/indeterminacy of certain ideas. Complicacy of this idea: in order for something to be determined as indeterminate you need to have an idea of what these...
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